18 May 2011


Here at The Scrum we have enjoyed the recent expansion of the site and its author's.  The main goal here is to have more voices with more perspective to further expand the abilities of all Trollblood players. Our mission is the same, to assist our fellow Trolls in our collective effort to dominate all other factions.  We don't do this the way other factions do, Trolls have style... and beer.  In our efforts to bring you the best information we can we have enlisted a West Coast Troll and an East Coast Troll to go along with the ramblings of the Angry old Mountain Troll.  This is not enough, The Scrum is still missing representation of everything that is Trollblood from a few different regions.  One those regions is the great Trolls from across the ocean, a Troll from the old world. That Troll is Bakaryu as he is known on the Privateer Press forums.   Since he has come aboard we decided it was time to subject him to public ridicule... or acceptance from the rest of you.  Here he is in all his glory;

Tell us a little bit about youself and your gaming habits?

I've been a gamer since I was about 13 (I am now 28) though I took a break from the wargaming scene for about 5 years up until apotheosis first came out.  Have come back with a vengeance since then and own a significant trollbloods force and now expanding on my retribution.  As for my gaming habits I tend to be a competitive player and am always looking for new combos and new tricks to try out against my opponents and I love the May-August period which is when the competitive tournament scene kicks off here in the united kingdom.

Where you game and/or where you’re from?
I game at a local club which while we are few in numbers (only 3-4 regulars plus about as many irregulars) we are all very experienced gamers with the majority having at least 15 years or so of wargaming experience.  I am from the united kingdom (Wales specifically).

What got you into Trollbloods?
Originally I got into Trollbloods because they were the only hordes faction left that hadn't been picked up yet by anyone in the club.  However since then they have continued to grow on me and now I wouldn't trade them for any other hordes faction and I play them almost exclusively on the tournament scene.

Gamer first or Painter first? And why?
Certainly a gamer first, my personal schedule leaves me with relatively little time to paint due to working part time and studying a full time english degree.  When I paint I am one of those people who will give every grunt just as much time and effort as the warlocks and warbeasts so my painting collection is slowly but surely getting painted.

Favorite Trollblood sculpt?Hmmm this is hard to pick, but if I had to pick one it would have to be the bouncer.  Tons of detail and nothing that looks out of place.

Favorite Trolblood model Rules?Grissel for sure, she can do a little bit of everything and can support warbeasts almost as well as she can support infantry.

Gaming Drink of choice?
The sweet, sweet tears of defeated cryx players.

Most memorable Trollbood moment?Winning the Welsh Open 2011.  I lost my opening round but roared back with 5 wins on the spin to take not only first place but most army points destroyed overall.

Shameless plugs for anything?
Not really not that I can think of :)

Going to Lock and Load? If so what events you thinking about?
Not this year due to the distances involved, I would however love to consider going sometime in the future.

Are European Trollbloods more fashionable than American ones?
Of course we are, being Welsh the kilts and tartans are a traditional part of our culture!

Cake, Pie or Icecream?Icecream for sure, when I visited America two years ago though I did have icecream cake for my birthday...

Anything else you have to say...
It is a privilege to join the Trollblood Scrum crew and I look forward to being able to contribute over the course of the next few years and hopefully helping to improve the trollblood experience for everyone in the thriving trollblood community.

Welcome again Bakaryu, we look forward to your Battle Reports and whatever other Ramblings you give us as you take the European Scene by Storm.

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