19 May 2011

The Gauntlet has been tossed

Lock and Load is going to big.  It's going to be glorious.  The action will be fast and furious.  The beer will be flowing and the Kilts will be fashionable.

Among all the things that will be happening at L&L one of these events will be momentous.  Goris and I (theummhmmguy) will be meeting for the first time face to face.

It is apparent that the best way to commemorate this meeting is for a truly epic battle of Kith and Kriel.

I'm calling you out Goris.  My Rocky Mountain Trolls are itching to test the Mettle of the West Coast Trolls.

My proposal is simple. You choose my caster and I'll choose yours, for 35 or 50 points of axe to mouth, we will have to work out the rest with the help of our readers.  Loser buys winner a Drink or a Caber Tosser.  That and of course our battle will be well documented here at The Scrum to enable the winner as much bragging rights as possible.

Saerko and Bakaryu you aren't off the hook.  You two are next...

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