22 May 2011

Calandra Tier 4 vs Lord Tyrant Hexeris

It was always simple for her to understand and hard to explain.  Calandra could always feel the ebb and flow of the forces around her and manipulate them to some small degree.  Short glimpses into the future allowed her to alter them in her favor, which she seemed to be doing quite a lot of lately.  Of all the warlocks Calandra seemed to always be 'at home' no matter where she was, comfortable in nearly every circumstance.  Even with the big Dire Trolls that seemed to so unnerve some of the other Warlocks, she seemed at natural ease with them.  As she had seen, Grim had sent to her a pair of Earthborns that he had spent considerable amounts of time with training.  Meeting Cannonball and Grapeshot for the first time she was immediately impressed with the intelligence their eyes showed and that impression was only strengthened as their minds connected.   As their minds connected she got another brief glimpse into the future and saw something horrible.  These two astonishing Trolls were going to torn apart by Skorne Titans...

Hexeris truly was fascinated by the physiology of the Trollkin and their cousins.  He took nearly every opportunity to study them through mortithurgy.  An opportunity he would soon be exploiting if his facts were correct.  He looked over at Molik Karn who just smiled wickedly, Karn knew his opportunity to test his mettle against the giant Dire Trolls was soon at hand.  Karn had of course forseen the opportunity earlier that day which had prompted Hexeris to send out scouts, one of which was on his table this very moment to ensure his words were truth.  His sacrifice would bring great knowledge to Hexeris and Skorne should they be able to capture the large female Troll Warlock supposedly leading this band.

His List
Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
11 models

[00] Lord Tyrant Hexeris (0 / 6 WB)
[11]  >> Molik Karn
[07]  >> Rhinodon
[10]  >> Bronzeback Titan
[08]  >> Titan Gladiator
[02] Agonizer
[02] Paingiver Beast Handlers (3 grunts)
[01] FeralgeistTrollbloods

Childern of Dhunia (Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood)
(Tier 4)
PCs: 35 / 35
22 models

[00] Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood (0 / 5 WB)
[02]  >> Trollkin Runebearer
[09]  >> Earthborn Dire Troll
[09]  >> Earthborn Dire Troll
[04]  >> Swamp Troll
[03] Fell Caller Hero
[08] Pyg Bushwhackers (9 grunts)
[05] Trollkin Scouts

Calandra had been working on a way out of the demise of Grim's favored Dire Trolls and was concerned.  It seemed with every twist of fate those two were doomed.  With the aid of her somewhat uncouth scouts and the ever optimistic Pygmies, she had found the best field of battle she could hope for.  She was counting on the Earthborn's unique ability to use the terrain around them to aid them.   As the Skorne appeared in the clearing she knew there was little time left for planning.  Her anxiety continued to increase when... a calming presence came in her mind resonating from the old Dire Troll Cannonball.  Suprised again at the intelligence these two possessed for Dire Trolls Calandra say the older Earthborn communicate to the younger in their Crude language.  Though she barely understood their speech, the picture in her mind was clear.  Cannonball had interpreted the anxiety she was feeling and intended to put himself in harms way to save the younger Grapeshot.  Astonished Calandra clearly underestimated what some Dire Trolls were capable of, she just hoped her two Dire Trolls could Fend off what appeared to be not only two large Titans, a big animal with a club on its tail, and quite possibly the largest Cyclops she had ever encountered.  Ever optimistic she turned to the lead scout, "we test fate today my boy, go and fight honorable and we shall see what can be done about what the future wants to deal us."

Our Board had a small 5" hill non-rough to my right and a 9" lake to my left with a pair of linear obstacles in between them each about 8" out of our respective deployment zones in the middle of the board.
Skorne ~ He lined up his beasts starting on my left with the Rhinodon then Gladiator then Bronzeback then Karn.  Hexeris was with Karn, agonizer was behind the Rhino.  Beasthandlers were spread out in back.
Trolls ~ I put the Swamp Troll in line to run to the water with Calandra next to him and the Fel Caller next to her with the Runebearer slightly behind Calandra.  The tier list let me AD my Earthborns putting one on the edge of the lake and the other near the middle wall.  My Scouts AD right in front of the Calandra group with the Buswackers on might right across from Karn.

Turn 1
Skorne ~ He moved his army forward with an advance keeping out of range of my earthborns.  Cast a few defensive spells and Fate Walked Karn into position to start working on my scouts.
Trolls ~ I started by moving up the Bushwackers and Combining into Karn for 10 damage.  Scouts attempted assaulting a couple of his beasts doing no damage but getting themselves in the way.  One Earthborn takes to the water while the Second puts himself between the pond and the wall.  Calandra puts the Swamp animus on herself along with bullet dodger and Star Crossed and then moves up to the wall.  Runebearer and Caller go with her while the Swamp runs to the water.

She was hideous even by Trollkin standards Hexeris mused.  They clearly had the advantage as his beast handlers urged the Titans into position.  She would fall under his knife this day if for no other reason than being so physically ugly to be allowed to live.  That she was a warlock was clear, and her presence had so unnerved Karn that he began to murmur something about the strands of the future becoming more tenuous.  With an angry look at Karn who seemed genuinely taken aback that Hexeris had even noticed his trepidation he signaled the order.  With a great Roar Karn leaped forward to charge the fat Warlock when all of the sudden he was caught in a hail of Gunfire.  Cursing Karn and Hexeris dove behind the cover of an old low wall.  Not finding out about the ambush ahead of time made Hexeris certain the rest of his scouts would fall under his knife when this battle was over.

Turn 2
Skorne ~ He moves his caster up the wall and hits the Bushwackers with his AOE killing two.  Fate Walks karn and then feats.  Rhino kills three Scouts who then kill two more scouts final scout making his tough roll.  Karn Moves up and kills the last Scout after getting some healing from the Handlers.  The Agonizer runs to base the Earthborn in the middle.  With his Rhino forward the Gladiator stays back for countercharge and the Bronzeback does the same for Karn who then Fate Walks to back behind the wall.
Trolls ~ Runebearer goes first and hits the Rhino with Befuddle to move him back to the Gladiator so one Earthborn can hit two targets.  Calandra moves up and does the same to the Bronzeback moving him forward to put him in better charge range, she casts befuddle and then feats. staying right at the wall. Bushwackers CRA into Karn taking out his mind.  Swamp troll moves up and licks the agonizer dragging him out of the way before eating him.  Earthborn in the middle charges the Rhino and reduces him to 1 damage after four attacks and moves on to the Gladiator taking him down to about half.  Earthborn in the water now has range on the bronzeback and kills him twice (stinking feralgeist)  Both Earthborns are maxed in fury. Fel Caller then moves up and sprays an earthborn in the back doing no damage but plinking the Rhino for 1 finishing it off.

Calandra was still amazed at the ferocity of these two Earthborns.  Usually the mind of the Dire Troll rolled with emotion and anger as they fought.  Controlling them during battle was typically like directing a wave crashing against the rocks.  But these two were a sea of calm, outwardly they were just as ferocious as she had ever seen, but in their minds they were controlled and precise.  It was so unnerving  that she nearly forgot to move.  Though the Fel Caller's battle cry as he finished off the funny club-tailed beast shook her from the daze and sent her into action.  Moving with a grace that seemed almost unnatural for her size she began to move and dance, manipulating the strands of fate to her greatest ability, hoping that she could somehow save these two amazing Dire Trolls from the fate that had been dealt to them.

Turn 3
Skorne ~ He decides that if he can take out my Earthborns I won't have the hitting power to kill his beasts faster than he can kill me... he is probably right.  His Handlers buff up the Gladiator and Heal Karn then he commits Karn and Hexeris to killing one Earthborn but thanks to starcrossed Karn has trouble finishing him off.  The Gladiator goes to town on the other, but again thanks to starcrossed that one lives as well.  Due to some unfortunate dice Hexeris is now standing next to an Earthborn and his turn is over after Karn moves away.  He did manage to take down another Bushwacker though.

Hexeris could not understand what had happened though the result was simple, he and Karn were in trouble.  Karn was severly wounded by the harassing fire from the diminutive Trollkin and his remaining Titan was also unable to move.  As Hexeris went in to take matters into his own hands Karn went down.  It was time for him and Karn to cut their losses and for Hexeris to find out a way to figure out how the ugly Trollkin warlock was so able to manipulate the strands of fate as to change the future.  He had seen the Cyclops ability, but this was something else entirely...

Trolls ~ I took the fury off the Swamp and the EB next to hexeris, the other one frenzies into the Gladiator hurting it bad.  Bushwackers CRA into Karn yet again leaving him with little health.  Calandra goes next healing the EB by Hexeris and Casting Force Blow into Karn killing him.  Earthborn can now slide over and start attacking Hexeris making room for the Fel Caller and Swamp to charge if need be.  It proved unecessary since after landing two hits Cannonball the Earthborn laid Hexeris low.

Grim strolled into Calandra's camp with a stern look on his face, "I put two bullets in his back as they fled and he still got away."  Calandra smiled back at him, "it appears there is only so much fate is willing to give me this day."  She began rattling some bones as she put her cards away, "Now, let us see what is in store for the Bounty Hunter."  Grim just chuckled, Calandra amused him and that was rare nowadays. Calandra had much to discuss about Grim and the methods he employed when working with Dire Trolls.


  1. Thanks for the report. I'm a newish Calandra player and reading your battel report has given me an insight into playing her.

  2. Excellent report and backstory!