17 May 2011

The Tuffalo Shuffle

Full Tactica for Trollkin Longriders can be found HERE

Toughalow Shuffle

Since there has been renewed interest in this tactic I figured I would go more in depth about how it will work.

This tactic is wonderfully simple. Take a Long Rider and run him in front fo a group or single target you wish to be knocked down or simply killed. Take a second long rider in the unit and Slam the first long rider over whatever it was you wanted dead. Simply effective and with a great threat range. Apply this liberally to casters or anything you want dead. You may lose your long riders under exceptional damage rolls, but mostly likely the collateral damage from your Long Rider has likely killed whatever it just bowled over.

Now to illustrate this with a clever picture!

So, the jist of how this works. The leader gives the Bull Rush order. Numbers 1 and 2 Run or Charge under the order. Numbers 3 and 4 after those impacts or run have been resolved move like the rest of the unit. Resolve the Long Riders who impacted before the slams. Once those 2 have finished revolve 3 and 4's slams to kill even more WG in the process. This is highly simplified obviously, but that's basically how it works. There may be a discrepancy on when the slam happens since you choose who in the unit activates when, but it makes sense to me.

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