09 July 2011

Quick n Dirty Painting - Kilt Lifter Part 1

This month I have been very busy with project given to me by people who want something cool! This time I have been commissioned to paint the Trollblood Kiltlifter. it is a very beautiful model, and I wish there were rules for these guys.

In this first of many segments for this model, I will go through the steps of how I will paint the Kiltlifter. I will start with painting the skin of the troll first, because this is always my first step when painting a model. I will most often, if not always, use black to primer my models. With this primer I am most experienced, and I feel with white primer there is a lot of unnecessary effort that is used in painting a model after it's primed. Anyway I digress...

I decided to go with the standard troll skin color for this model, because I love the color progression of the skin as I paint. I chose the trollblood base of course to get things started. This particular troll likes to show off a lot of skin, and so there is going to be quite a bit of emphasis in making the skin look good along with the rest of the model. The next question I had was what kind of wash I want to use. I originally thought of using purple and go with a dark tone for the skin, but I chose blue to stick with the normal hue.

The blue ink really darkens the skin color, and this provides even darker hue in the niches to give shadow to the model. This also allows me to see where I need to paint in the muscle to make the skin standout a little more.

The get the shading for the skin I started off with drybrushing trollblood base again, to keep the original color, and so that the shading will go smoother. Then I added a little bit of arcane base to the mixture, and then shaded again. I repeated this step one more time to make the skin brighter, and in preparation for it to be inked again.

I washed the skin again in blue, but I added a little more water to the ink, so that it would not dominate the shading that I did in the previous steps, and would go in to the crevices a lot easier. This also blended the colors that we used to shade, and so it looks a lot better.

I shaded a mixture of trollblood and arcane base, and in the following steps I added a touch of frostbite, and shaded again. I will then use water and a mixed with (wait for it, your won't believe until you read it) saliva. That's right, You can use your own spit to help blend in your shading better.

This is part one of painting the Kiltlifter. I will continue to paint the Kiltlifter and take pictures as I go. I will post again next week about how I painted the kilt and other cloth parts of the model.

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  1. Anonymous10 July, 2011

    Hm, I don't know if it's deliberate on your part but those images are tiiiny, kinda hard to make out :(
    Would be nice if you could post them a bit bigger or keep the link to the image so we can see the bigger version :)