24 July 2011


Hey there folks. I'm Grimsnik and I just started writing for Trollblood Scrum.
Just a quick intro-
Age: 35
Location: Logan, Utah

I've been gaming for about 20 years. I started out roleplaying with friends. When I started college, I was introduced with miniature table top games with Warhammer 40k. Since then, I've played several miniature games. Around 2005, I picked up a Cryx starter while in Denver at a con. Since then I've picked up a good amount of Cryx, Circle and Mercs with a bit of Menoth, Cygnar,
Trolls and Minions. In 2010, I was accepted into the press gang for Privateer Press.

As a press ganger, I get to set up tournaments and leagues for our local store and a few weeks back I ran a tournament based on the Thunderdome scenar
io created by the guys up North.

In Thunderdome, your list comprises of three warlocks/warcasters available to a faction or with Merc and Minions any three as there are no contracts in Thunderdome. The game is played with up to four players
per 3' X 3' table. A lock/caster choice can bring one model to the table, i.e. no half jacks, no Keg Carrier, no feat for Goreshade. No healing (in our tourney, I allowed tough). Warlocks are considered to have focus manipulation instead of fury.

For our tournament, it was scheduled to last 3 hours with players attempting to get a many kills by dice down. Once enough players were ready for a new table they

We had 8 players- Table 1 was comprised with 2 trollbloods, 1 Cryx, and 1 Legion players.

The guns of Grim and Gunnbjorn were in action that night.

Table 2 comprised of Cygnar, Mercs, Skorne, and Retribution. Jefferson Jorgenson (eMakeda, Xerxis and Carver) and Brian Decaria (eCaine, Kara, and pStryker) both ended with 7 kills for the night to tie for 1st place. The Greatblah with his list of Grim, Gunnbjorn and Borka was able to acquire 4 kills to tie for second with Shane "Skywise" Fraughton's list of Gorten, Shae and Ashlyn.

There were many fun times that night and I am looking forward to seeing the armies that show up for our next tournament- the Wrath Release.


  1. Anonymous25 July, 2011

    Quick comment on the Ashlynn vs. Xerxis pic. Xerxis was camping all of his focus and was benefiting from Carvers Batten down the Hatches. I can't remember what the armor got to, but Ashlynn laid such a hurt down that she took him down to 1 box. It was ALMOST epic!

  2. He wishes he was dead though, look where that flashing blade is going!