06 July 2011

Skywise's Guide to the Merc Life: Greetings!!

Hello Scrummers!! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Skywise (same name on the PP forums) and I have been asked to be the Mercenary correspondent for Trollblood Scrum!! I will be writing articles on Mercenary tactics such as how to run Mercenaries in your existing armies (Yes, Trollbloods have access to a few Merc models!), how to play Mercenary armies, and giving advice on how to counter Mercenary armies using Trollbloods. I also plan to write a few Quick and Dirty Painting articles to help players get painted models on the table in no time flat! In addition to the painting articles, I pan on helping Sid part time with his painting service!

I would like to take some time during my first post to discuss Mercenaries in general. Let's tackle a couple questions that appears on the PP Merc forum often:

-Are Mercenary armies competitive? -Yes, but..... Most people jump into Merc armies wanting to only play one theme, such as Rhulics or Pirates. This is fine for fun, change of pace armies. But in order to be truly competitive in a tournament environment, you must be willing to use every tool in your box. Don't get me wrong, players have had success just playing Searforge armies and such, but Casters such as Gorten or Durgen can be even more dangerous in Highbrorn or 4 Star armies.

-How did Wrath affect Mercenaries? -Believe it or not, Mercs are looking very well after Wrath. With 2 new warcasters, 2 new Character Warjacks, a new warjack that synergizes well with our casters, our first warcaster attachment, a new Kayazy unit, and various other goodies, you will be seeing more Merc armies making a splash in the competitive scene.

Well that's it for now. Keep an eye out for my next post, as I will delve more in depth with a certain Trollblood related Merc unit. Now let me leave you with a work in progress pic of a Lock N' Load exclusive model, Epic Alexia:

For Blood and Coin,

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