30 July 2011

Fiction via Phreaker187

I first posted this on my old blog, but it got such a positive response I thought I'd post it again. It's the "original" fiction based on games.


From the sun bleached stone tower of Henge Hold Lord Commander Stryker and General Nemo stared across the sea at Garlast Island. The earth seemed to be on fire as the setting sun reflected countless hues of orange off of the incoming tide.

“Morning can never come soon enough the night before a battle my friend” remarked Stryker. Nemo let out a long sigh, “Don't be too hasty to invade the Cryxian homeland Stryker, even I admit you are one of the greatest leaders the king has ever seen, but one does not get as old as I am by being careless.” Nemo held up his hand and pointed toward the south. “Do you see those ruins there? They too were once a proud stronghold like this, but underestimating the pirates and their false Gods saw to it's destruction. One day I fear even Henge Hold will be witness to the falling of our nation.”

Just then Strykers radio let out a scream of static. “Sir this is Lynch, do you copy”
“This is Stryker go ahead.”
“The beach to Garlast is clear, our landing party will meet no resistance.”
“That's no surprise, the undead horde will never expect an unprovoked attack.”
“What are your orders?”
“Sit tight in the trees, keep a close lookout, and inform me if anything changes. Tomorrow we will meet you on the beach.”
“Roger that sir. Lynch out.”

Stryker placed his hand on Nemo's shoulder, “Tomorrow General, we change the world.”
“Be careful Commander and heed my word.”
Stryker ran down the long spiral staircase of the tower and bellowed, “Journeyman, prepare the ships for full attack! We begin at dawn!”
“Right away sir!”
“Stormguard! Stormsmiths! I want full squads! I want the Cryx to feel the kings boot before it crushes their skulls! Get them aboard the ships and well rested, tomorrow we go to war!”
“Yes sir!”
Stryker then spoke so that only he could hear, “I have a close friend I need to visit.”

Standing before Stryker was the war jack known by all as 'Ol Rowdy. Standing at 12' tall and weighing in at seven tons Rowdy had seen more battles than even the Lord Commander. Painted Cygnar blue with golden highlights the robotic beast would strike fear into even the hearts of the mindless undead.
“Good Evening Commander”, came a voice from the darkness. Stryker knew exactly who it was before the sentence left his mouth. “A good evening indeed Strangeways. How's Rowdy doing tonight? Is he ready for tomorrow?”
“There is never a day he is not ready for battle sir. I have replaced all of his damaged armor, recharged his quake hammer, and prepped the boiler.
“Would you please light him up so I can run some tests myself?”
“Of course sir.”
Bolts of electricity slowly began to arc from Strangeway's hands until the blue light was so bright Stryker was unable to look directly at it. With a loud pop the light went out, and the beast came to life.

In an instant the mind of Stryker and Rowdy were connected. Jacks were supposed to be mindless and under the strict control of the warcaster, but the countless battles that Rowdy had experienced had given him a certain “personality” that Stryker loved.
A few quick practice swings with the quake hammer were all that Stryker needed to know that Rowdy was ready for battle once again. “An amazing job as usual Captain.”
“Thank you sir.”
“Make sure you get him on the flagship with me.”
“Of course Commander.”
“And if Nemo has a finished one I would like to try out a squire as well.”
“Anything else sir?”
Styker grinned as he looked down the walls of the citadel at the countless 'jacks to choose from. “Load Thorn onto my ship too.”
“All do respect sir, Haley would not approve.”
“Haley is in Fort Whiterock on political matters, she won't need it.”
Strangeways fought back a laugh, “Yes sir, Thorn will be on the flagship as well.” Stryker returned to his quarters to get ready for the battle himself.

Stryker stood on the bow of his flagship as the sun started to creep up over the horizon. His troops looked tired from the night before, he knew all too well that it was impossible to sleep when you knew that this night might be your last night in service of the king. The Lord Commander knew that when the battle came his highly trained warriors would be ready for anything.
Stykers radio popped to life again. “Sir, this is Lynch do you read?”
“Styker, go ahead.”
“Sir, we have seen movement on the tree line. Nobody could make out what it was, Watts thinks it was an animal, but I'm not convinced.”
“We are five minutes out, stand firm and stay hidden. Radio silence from this point on. Stryker out.”

Stryker knew better than anyone that animals could not exist in a place like The Scharde Islands. He thought to himself, it might be a scout team, but how would they know we are coming? More likely it was a group of undead that had detached from the hive mind, doomed to wander the earth for eternity. Stryker didn't get in his position by taking chances though. Stryker motioned to the Journeyman Warcaster for attention on deck. The Journeyman screamed, “Attention on deck! Lord Commander Stryker would like to address you!” The army quickly turned to face Stryker at attention, even Rowdy seemed to stand up a little straighter. Stryker could hear the electrical hum of his armor over the crashing waves. “Gentleman in one minute we land on Garlghast Island and we finish our mission to rid the world of evil. Garlghast will be the foothold for our continued attacks, our base of operations will be on this island, so I don't have to remind you how important this attack is. Our reports say that resistance will be minimal, but be ready for anything, the Cryxian worms are very cunning. Know that if you do not return home, your families and king will honor your deaths. FOR CYGNAR!” The crowd gave a great battle shout as the landing platform finally dropped.

Stryker spread out his army is a standard Cygnar battle formation. He ordered the Stormguard and Stormsmith to take up the left flank, Rowdy and himself would hold the middle, Thorn and the members of the Black 13 would hold up the right side. Ahead of them lay the ruins of Drer Drakerung, a decimated city, and the site of countless failed invasions, Stryker hoped that the sight of this wouldn't lower the morale of his men.

On the right flank Stryker saw movement, the B13 saw it too, but held their fire. Styker then knew the moving shapes were not animals or mindless zombies it was a Cryx recon group known as the Satyxis Raiders, and their seeming invisibility could only mean they had a Sea Witch commanding them. Stryker exclaimed, “Open fire! Leave no survivors!” That was all that it took for the Black 13 to light the area up with a hail storm of lead and magic. The shapes quickly began to advance on the 13. Now Stryker was sure it was the raiders, every time a bullet came close to one he could see the barbed whips they were known to carry. Stryker thought to himself, "Why are they advancing? Shouldn't a recon group run as soon as they are spotted?" Stryker knew the undead didn't know fear, but this was insane even for them; Who would charge a full Cygnar army with so few troops? Stryker sent Thorn forward to meet them, this display would surely change their plans. Lightning began to crackle around Stryker and he unleashed a massive Electrical Storm at the raiders, blocking the route they had planned on charging through. The B13 looked relieved, they were the best shots in the Cygnar army, but none of their bullets were hitting their mark. Stryker yelled at the Stormguard, “Get cover in those ruins in case this goes bad!” No sooner than the words left his mouth Stryker spotted a Defiler running right at them, the enemy 'jack could only mean one thing, they were facing a Cryx warcaster. Green bolts of energy shot out of the mouth of the defiler, Stryker put up a protective barrier around his troops, but it was too late. The entire unit of Stormguard fell to their knees, boils appeared on their skin, and their armor began to rust in front of his eyes. “What vile spawn of the underworld would do something like this?” He mumbled to himself. Out of the ruins emerged the dreaded 'jack, Nightmare, racing down his left flank. “Get out of there!” Styker yelled to the stormguard, but it was too late, Nightmare was on them. A bolt of lightning seemed to come from nowhere and engulfed Nightmare in an electric prison. “Maybe not all is lost,” thought Stryker, the stormsmiths can keep him busy while we regroup. A Leviathan emerged from behind a fallen wall and unleashed a series of deafening shots into the stormguard, cutting them down as they tried to regroup. Blood splattered Stykers face and armor as one of his mens heads erupted like a fountain.
The Journeyman squealed, “The left flank is collaspsing sir!”
“Don't you think I can see that son? I am covered in the blood of my men! Keep looking for the warcaster, if you spot him let me know immediately!”
“Yes sir!”
Stryker quickly scanned the battlefield, a large explosion erupted from the ground next to him, but his search never strayed. He looked and grinned as the B13 bullets were finally hitting their marks, the raiders were being cut down where they stood. The Sea Witch let out a great howl as even she fell victim to their onslaught. Stryker thought to himself, “the nightmare would mean Haley's fallen sister Denny should be here somewhere, but this type of carnage is not her style.” No sooner had the thought left his mind he saw her, not Denny as he had initially thought, but the dreaded Pirate Queen, Skarre.

Skarre laughed time and time again as Cygnar and Cryx troops were torn to pieces, her sharpened teeth glimmering in the morning sun. Skarre smiled when she locked eyes with Stryker. “It appears even the greatest of the Cygnar commanders will be feasted upon by the dragon god today Stryker!” Styker wiped the blood from his eyes, Skarre's overconfidence had left her vulnerable, he had to stike now or he may never have the chance. Lightning surrounded Stryker and he lurched forward with unnatural speed, catching Skarre off guard. Skarre looked down and saw Stykers blade Quicksilver sticking out of her chest. Styker stared into her eyes and said, “Know this witch, your reign of terror ends here forever, your god will not see fit to raise you again. Die knowing that all of your people will be destroyed by my hand.” Skarre once again smiled as blood poured out of her mouth. Styker yelled, “Now die beast!” Stryker quickly pulled Quicksilver out of her chest and spun around cutting off the pirate queens head. The Cryx 'jacks went limp, without a mind to control them, they were just pieces of scrap metal.

Victory had been awarded today, but at what cost? The stormguard were all dead, they were husbands and fathers, they will be remembered as heroes. Stryker tried to stand up straight and proud. “Today we are victorious! We have cleansed this world of a great evil known as Skarre, this will deal a great blow to the Cryx horde.”

In the distance Stryker could see Nemo's ships reaching the island. Stryker couldn't help but laugh to himself, "That old man is really going to rip me a new one when he gets here."

Stryker turned to his remaining troops and grinned, “Now dig in, I have the feeling this is going to be a long day.”


  1. That was a cool story. Random question though, do they have radios in the iron kingdoms?

  2. This is a really old thread, but I thought I'd chime in anyway. I've been following the realm of the Iron Kingdoms for a long time and I really love the steam punk culture of "old world meets magic and technology."

    This short story really pulled me in from the beginning and I loved the images it put into my head of Nemo (the old wise veteran) and Stryker (the young leader ready for battle). It almost felt like I was sitting on the tower with them listening to the wise observations of Nemo. I can tell this story was well thought out and you have some talent in writing.

    The second section where the battle ensues really had me on the edge of my seat, it was full of action. Even though I knew that Stryker would win, since he's the good guy, you really had me wondering for a minute when Skarre showed up and decimated a large chunk of his forces.

    I appreciate you taking the time to write down your thoughts in this short story, I really enjoyed it.

    1. I needed to read the short story a couple of times. I could not relate to this type of writing at first. I even called my son who would enjoy this type of short story. I got me to understand how a person does relate in their own way to the images that you spoke of.
      I enjoyed the fact that you felt that good guy would eventually be the victor. There is a lot that actually happens within this short story. A great way to share thoughts and dreams one might have.