03 August 2011

Author Breakdown

With all the new additions I though I could give you all a breakdown of what each person here at The Scrum is in charge of.  Keep in mind that we encourage our authors to spew whatever they wish all over the blog, but these are their areas of expertise should any of you feel the need to contact them or generally harass them out things.

TheGreatBlah – Blog Layout, Tagging, Battle Reports, Foregin Relations Diplomat. Admin
Goris – Quick and Dirty Painting, Podcast, Trollkin Competitive Strategy. Admin
Saerko – New Model Reviews, Guidelines, Regeneration Participation Encouragment Officer. Admin
Bakaryu – Battle Reports, Welsh Lore, Guidelines, European Clothing Styles, European Events. Admin
DruidsnStuff – Correspondent (Circle, Legion, Protectorate), Scroll and Runekeeper, Scattergunner Cigar Roller, Munchie Distributor.
Grimsnik – Correspondent (Cryx, Mercs, Circle, Legion?), Officer in Charge of Trollkin Supremecy Enforcement Tactics.
McCryx – Correspondent (Cryx), General Theory & Strategy, Blighted Trollkin Mercenary Warcaster.
Phreaker187 – Correspondent (Cygnar, Minions), Swan Diving, Fluff Writing, Mergers and Acquisitions of Cygnarran technology..
Sephiroths_Khador – Correspondent (Khador), Public Relations, Axe to Mouth Practical Application Specialist.
Skywise – Correspondent (Mercs, Legion), Quick and Dirty Painting, Painting Service, Makes Tough Rolls In Real Life.
SlapHappySid – Correspondent (Khador), Quick and Dirty Painting, Painting Service, Has a Perty Mouth.
AwesomeSauce – Correspondent (Legion, Skorne, Minons), Modding Expert, Quick and Dirty Painting, Likes our Moms.

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