12 August 2011

Taste Like Chicken

"Listen up you stinking TROLLBLOODS, it seems you just don't get it.
Well I've been appointed to inform you, your days are numbered.
You would cry, you would scream
If you knew half the things I see.
Please, please just do as I say,
Repent and leave your KRIEL ways.

Meanwhile....JACKS drop from the sky,
KITH disappear and bullets fly.
Little UNDEAD men are coming YOUR way,
(Tastes just like chicken, they say.)
Actually they're all around.
Secret bunkers underground.
Round 'em up, skin 'em alive,
Rolling, rolling, rolling, rawhide. "

It's a great song from the band Clutch. I made a few minor tweaks to better apply it to our current surroundings.

As the official Cryxian delegate I feel it's time to step out of the shadows and introduce myself. I've been playing wargames since I was thirteen years old, I'm almost 34 now, so I consider myself an experienced player.

I love to write but hate to put pen to paper, that has been the bane of every blog I've attempted, mccryxian domination is the latest of my great failures. I hope to post here more often than not, but I don't have great expectations.

As an avid chess enthusiest I tend to focus more on tactics and theory as opposed to fluff, so expect to see some of my ideas reposted here for your consideration. Please help me expound on my ideas as they are all a work in progress. I hope that as a community we can use eachother as a sounding wall and devlope some solid strategy and game-play guides that will help both the average player and the competetive player up their game.

Now I'm supposed to say how much I love trolls and that garbage. I'd be lying if I said I did. So instead I'll simply tell you how happy I am that we will soon be your cruel overlords. Please don't struggle, we'd hate for you to damage yourself too terribly. Either way, dead or alive, you will all serve the dragon father.



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