29 August 2011

Dire Brackets - Round 2 Matchups

Round 2 is here and the scores are close, courtesy of a couple of upsets.  Here are the matchups for Round 2 along with my own personal opinion of who will win each one, regardless of what my own bracket might say.  Round 2 games will be 50 points and will be played using the radial scenario Demolition.

eDoomy by Goris(4) 1-0 vs Grissel by McCryx(7) 2-0  ~ This game has Grissel written all over it, lets face it she rocks it in scenario play.
Borka by Skywise(2) 1-0 vs Calandra by Grimsnik(3) 1-0 ~ Tough Matchup here, this one is going to be fun to watch.  I think Borka has a very small edge due to the low DEF of Troll models.
pDoomy by AwesomeSauce(10) 0-1 vs Jarl by Sephroth's_Advent(6) 0-1 - Jarl might be in trouble here since pDoomy can shut him down.  Question is how fast can Jarl get in pDoomy's Grill.  I think pDoomy has this one.
pMadrak by DruidsnStuff(8) 0-1 vs Grim by SlaphappySid(5) 0-1 ~ Another grueler, pMadrak can whether Grim's tide since he likes to brick and take the first hit anyway.  Edge pMadrak.
Gunnbjorn by Bakaryu(9) 1-1 vs Winner of pDoomy v Jarl by TheGreatBlah - I can honestly say I think pDoomy or Jarl will beat Gunny in this fight.
eMadrak by Phreaker(1) 0-1 vs Winner of pMadrak v Grim - Opposite here, I think eMadrak will take down either Grim or pMadrak here.  Though I'd like to see how each Madrak fares against each other.

What do you guys think, how do you think each match will go?

1 comment:

  1. eDoomy v Grissel will be interesting, if Grissel brings the right list then she should be able to deal with eDoomy but that is very list dependent.

    Borka should have too much for Calandra I think but again it can be close.

    I fancy Jarl to win against Doomy, hordes can deal with pDoomy's feat better than warmachine can, and Jarl's feat similarly shuts down just about any pDoomy list you can put together.

    I fancy pMadrak to take down Grim, he has the resilience and power to take this match unless he gets stupid.

    I fancy Gunny to win against either one of Doomy or Jarl, I like my 50pt list and think it will do the business for me.

    eMadrak against Grim I think will win, against pMadrak he will struggle I think. eMaddy likes lots of reach infantry and pMaddy specialises in killing lots of infantry.