25 August 2011

Butcher n Harkovich vs Borka n eThagrosh

by Sephiroth's Advent

Borka Kegslayer was prowling the deeps of Fenwood, with his warbeasts beside him, when he heard the unmistakable grinding of warjacks in heavy brush. He spun around holding a big meaty finger to his grinning lips.
"Quiet now lads. We might get a fight out of this yet." With that they headed towards the grinding noises.
They found the source of the sounds in a clearing a quarter-mile away. Five hulking warjacks, several man-o-war and from the looks of it two Warcasters. "You boys know who that is? That's the Butcher of Khardov and Kommandant Harkovich." Borka said answering the stares he got from the beasts. "We bring those two down and Khador will be crippled here. Just think of it, the skies the limit."
Borka's speech got the mauler he was with too worked up and it let out a bellow that shook the trees. It also alerted the Khador Warcasters. The warjacks turned and started lumbering towards the trolls. Before they had gotten far a blast of flame took one of the 'jacks full in the chest. A roar from the trees and a sweep of wings and the Messiah of Everblight himself rushed into the clearing. Meeting eyes with Borka, looking back towards the Khadorans, and again with Borka both Warlocks bobbed their heads flashed their teeth, and threw themselves at the Khadorans.

The Lists.
Butcher of Khardov, Juggernaut, Kodiak, 3 man-o-war
SK: Harkovich, destroyer, destroyer, black ivan
Luke: EThagrosh 4 shredders, typhon
Mike: Borka Mauler Impaler Slag Troll.

So me and Sid (ala quick and dirty painting) decided we were gonna play a quick 2v2. Pretty easy premise put the Butcher in the front and throw bombs from behind. And it went pretty much according to plan. Two shots from a destroyer pops a shredder on turn one. Turn two every thing gets a little closer, Hark and Butcher both feat, and typhon gets hit with two different charges from destroyers. Dead typhon. The impaler gets charged by Black IVan and gets dead too. Along with the bombards from Iron Wolf along with a charge from a kodiak made Thagrosh toast.
Next turn the mauler throws the destroyers around a bit. The slag troll wrecks one, and Hark hides behind some impassable terrain so Borka couldnt get him.
Then our turn the Butcher gets fortune from Hark and charges Borka to death.

How had things gone so wrong? Borka couldnt figure it out. Thagrosh had fled, bloodied and beaten. The twisted masses that were once the Legion warbeasts were surrounded by impact craters from Harkovich's unrelenting artillery and his own beasts were beaten down by the Butcher ferocious attacks. Seeing Harkovich running from him Borka called out to the old Khadoran, "You coward come out and fight me!"

"Only a fool fights when he cannot win." Came the reply, "and you are a fool."
Borka caught a flash of light to his side and turned just in time to see a manic grin and the broadside of the Butchers great axe before the lights went out.

"your life is your own, rise up and live it."

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  1. Hey dude, great post! One correction though, it was Ben not Luke.