05 August 2011

Dire Bracket - Borka Kegslayer by Skywise

I gotta admit, I was a bit nervous when asked to play in the Dire Bracket Tourney since my experience with Trolls is a bit limited. However I was pretty relieved when I was told I will be playing Borka Kegslayer in the tourney. You see, I'm primarily a Merc player, so I feel right at home with the In-Your-Face play style that Borka brings to the table. In fact, Borka draws several comparisons to my favorite Merc caster, Drake MacBain. Both have great offensive and defensive buffs, both are tough as nails in combat, and both enjoy a nice cold one after (or in Borka's case, during) combat.

My list at 35 points looks like this:

Borka & Keg Carrier
-Dire Troll Mauler
-Troll Axer
-Pyre Troll
4 Kriel Stone Bearer & Stone Scribes
-Stone Scribe Elder
10 Kriel Warriors
10 Nyss Hunter

Pretty standard really. Mauler and Axer are great Melee beasts and the Pyre Troll is there for a bit of ranged support and the damage buff animus. The Stone Bearer and Scribes buff Borka's already formidable ARM, and the Kriel Warriors add bodies to the list and are a fantastic bargain at only 6 points. The choice to go with Nyss hunters are two-fold; 1- Borka's Iron Flesh put these guys at an amazing DEF 18! 2- As a Merc player, I am very familiar with the unit strengths and can use them to really good effect.

At 50 points, the list looks like this:

Borka & Keg Carrier
-Dire Troll Blitzer
-Pyre Troll
4 Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes
10 Fennblades
10 Nyss Hunters
Fell Caller
Alten Ashley

In this list, the Axer gets upgraded to Mulg, who is...well, awesome. I trade out the Kriel Warriors for full Fennblades +UA for extra hitting power. Add in a Fell Caller for unit buffs, and Alten Ashley since, well....I have him painted and I really just wanted an excuse to field him.

These lists are not set in stone, and since I'm no Troll expert, I'm open to suggestions or advice to our readers and the rest of the Troll community.

Oh, and have a Cold One on me!


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