22 August 2011

God frowns on eMadrak, Grissel wins.

So I was hired to play eMadrak in the dire-bracket playoffs and it went about as well as expected given my experience level with trolls.

So I've not played trolls much before and it really showed in my performance. EMadrak is hands down the best caster in the troll force and he died to the pesky girl troll. I think if I had a few more games under my belt I would've won. I took it to the wire even though I don't think I cast a spell or animus besides War Path the entire game.

I played:

Max Fens
da' Chronic
Fell Caller
Gobbers for filler

He played:
Grissel (piloted by ummhmmguy)
Some other crap that doesn't matter.

Grissel Bloodsong, Fel Caller: Tier 2
Fel Caller
Fel Caller
6xKriel Warrior
*3xCaber Tosser
6xKriel Warrior
*3xCaber Tosser
*Officer and Standard

Basically he used Grissels fell calls to advance about 2/3 up the board on turn 1, I advanced a few guys forward to absorb the initial charge, the charge killed the front line with some Kriels, and scatter gunners (Clear! is a broken ability if you didn't already know that), killed the back line. I proceeded to counter by bashing a bunch of stuff with Mulg, my 4 remaining Fens, Axer, and a spray from the Fell Caller, all clearing a charge lane to Grissel for Madrak. Madrak Charged, killed a kriel, took a fury, moved up and inch and unloaded into Grissel. Boosted the initial to try for grevious wounds, didn't pan out, and he had enough transfers and I had enough bad damage rolls so he pushed it all off. Grissel hulked up the next turn and rolled a crit smite pushing me into a scatter gunner and knocking me down, after 3 tough rolls (and me laughing for 15 minutes), it came down to the last hit and Madrak died.

Grissel can't seem to be killed. She should've died to pDoomy and eMadrak, but someone must be looking out for her from above.

Things I noticed.
Mulg needs to stay right next to your caster so he can counter with his "fit" ability.
Caber Tossers are way too good for their points
Scatter gunners UA surprisingly powerful.

Here lies the first of hopefully many bracket busters.
Good Luck Grissel!!

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