22 September 2011

Gorten's Highborn vs Grayle Farstrider

Gorten didn't have a lot of direct experience with the so called 'blackclad' from the Circle of Orboros but he certainly didn't expect to be having a conversation with one of them.  Gorten was certain he wouldn't take this job though, the shifty druid seemed controlled but there was something more wild in his eyes suggesting that he was in trouble and expected Gorten to get him out of it.  In a quiet raspy voice the blackclad continued, "it is not our way to deal with issues in this manner, but we are otherwise occupied," his voice controlled he continued but again his eyes seemed to give him away, "Apparently there are two Grayle the Farstriders, we have a small force to confront the one who we think is the real Grayle."  Gorten held up his hand to stop the blackclad, "and you want us to deal with your trash?"  Gorten left the question hanging for a minute intent on denying the shifty little man, that is until he dropped the large purse on the table.  The blackclad continued, "that is half, the rest will come after the job is done and this probable imposter is brought to us at our contact point."  Not a man to let opportunity pass by Gorten began forumlating an argument to milk these druids for every coin, but as he looked up the blackclad had simply vanished in a crackle.

The job would be difficult, he would have to hire the best, and it so happened he knew just the woman who had experience with druids.  Now if he could just find the wiley Nyss leader fast enough.

My Army
Highborn Covenant
49+7 points, 28 models
Gorten Grundback  +7 points
* Ghordson Driller  6 points
* Grundback Blaster  3 points
* Grundback Gunner  3 points
Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire  4 points
Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter  2 points
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution  3 points
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt  4 points
10 Nyss Hunters  10 points
5 Ogrun Assault Corps  9 points
Ragman  2 points
Rutger Shaw  2 points
* Nomad  6 points
Taryn di la Rovissi  2 points


His Army
Circle of Orboros
49+6 points, 30 models
Grayle the Farstrider  +6 points

* 2xArgus  4 points each
* Gnarlhorn Satyr 8 points
* Gorax  4 points
* Pureblood Warpwolf 9 points
Druids of Orboros  7 points
*Druid of Orboros Overseer  2 points
Shifting Stones  2 points
Viktor Pendrake  2 points
Wolf Lord Morraig  5 points
10 Wolves of Orboros  6 points
*Wolves of Orbors Chieftan & Standard  2 points

She still felt remourse for killing innocent people but she would not be taken by the Church again.  Her last encounter seemed inevitable as she had been persued by three days by the quintet of knights intent on troubling her, the encounter had not been going well for her.  She had been able to take three of them with her Thralls but the last two though bloodied had turned on her.  The sword spoke to her helping her keep the two at bay but she could not seize the advatage or get enough respite to raise up one of their fallen brothers to fight by her side.  It was then she noticed the rag covered man moving up behind the knights, faltering she nearly lost the fight then and there earning a large gash up her left arm.  The Rag covered man spoke and a shadowy essense surrounded one knight.  She watched as the light in his eyes ceased and his now dead body turned on his former comrade.  Confused the knight battered away his new attacker only to find Alexia and her Witchfire sword pushing through his chest.

Our board had a large forest on my right side of the table 4" x 12", on my left side was an 6" round  forest both ceneterd on the table.  My side of the board had a small hill in front of me and his had an 8" patch of rocky rough terrain.

He rolled highest and opted to go second.
Gorten~ My Nyss took the right side of  the table with Alexia and the Ragman advance deployed.  Aiyana and Holt took the far right flank.  Gorten and his Battlegroup took the middle hill with Ogrun to his left and Eiryss next to them with Alten.  Rutger his Noman and Taryn took the far left flank.
Grayle ~ His Druids took the rough terrain with their AD, Wolves and Pendrake across from the Nyss.  His Satyr and Gorax grabbed the middle of the Table. Grayle and the stones were directly across from my Ogrun with an Argus.  Morraig the Pureblood and last Agus angled toward Rutger.

Turn 1
Gorten~ Alexia moved up and tagged a couple of druids getting herself a few souls.  Nyss ran to surround her with the Ragman on their left.  A&H ran up the right side of the forest.  Shaw, his Noman and Taryn ran up the left flank.  Gorten put on focus on each jack and ran them to the hill then cast Strength of Granite on the Driller.
Grayle ~ his druids moved up and began shooting Alexia, I used souls to negate two of them but they were still able to move her forward a bit and do some damage.  Wolves ran up to position on the Nyss,  Pendrake stepped up and tagged Alexia for five damage.  Everything else moved up as he began to cast some defensive spells.

Gorten was impressed with the young lady on the nightmare steed.  Though he could clearly see the remourse on her face each time she killed another.  As he watched her a stray bolt nearly took her from her saddle but she remained aloft and scattered more druids with her terrifying magic.  Turning his attention to the imposter warcaster's beasts he added his own Gunners fire to that of the Ogrun into the front lines of the shifty druids
Turn 2
Gorten ~ Taryn shot at the stone twice doing a few damage, Shaw followed suit but the stone stood.  Nomad Ran to engage Morriag and the now hurt stone.  Eiryss shot a stone also doing a little damage, Alten decided to go for the Satyr tagging for five or so.  Gun Bunnies move up and fire at some druids getting Alexia three souls. and the Nyss move up and fire on the Wolves killing a few.  Ogrun do the same largly missing though they do take out another druid.  Gorten drops a wall in front of the Ogrun.  Alexia makes three Thralls who charge into the druids and wolves killing one of each.  Aiyana and Holt move up the right flank and stealth.
Grayle ~ His pureblood goes to town on the Noman scrapping it.  Grayle moves over and feats, Morraig proceeds to charge shaw killing him and Taryn with ease.  Both Argus charge the Ogrun killing one.  The Wolves take out the Tralls, while the Gnarlhorn and Gorx position for counters.

Seeing his opportunity Gorten used his innate abilities with the earth to shift the ground under his enemies moving them right up into his own front lines.  Raefall and her Nyss made short work of the beasts along with the Ogrun taking down the two headed dogs, but the crafty Warlock had dodged and two trigger pull from his own gun.  His Gun Bunnies put some hurt on him but he remained standing and a little too close for his own comfort.  

Turn 3
Gorten ~ Ogrun charge the Argus damaging them.  Gorton allocated a focus to each bunny and his remaining two to the Driller with Strength of Granite on it.  He moves up and feats catching the Pureblood, Satyr, Gorax, Grayle and Pendrake.  Moving them all towards his army.  He then take a double barrel shot at Grayle and misses.  Gun bunnies both shoot at Grayle which he pushes to the pureblood.  Ragman moves up and puts up a dark shroud to help kill Grayle.  Nyss charge killing the Gorax and Satyr and denting Grayle.  Alexia then moves a little and makes three more thralls.  Only one of which can charge Grayle... but that one is enough to finish him.

As he prepared for the enevitable attack and Thrall charged past him through a small gap in the Nyss and laid the Warcaster low...  Once again impressed with the young Necromancer Alexia he turned his attention to the Warcaster's now limp form.   Well, they would either have to be happy to be rid of the imposter warcaster, or start hunting him for killing one of their own.  It didn't both Gorten too much though, so long as he and his group still got paid.  

He noticed Alexia getting ready to leave and walked up to her, "Your desire to stay on the move and keep running makes sense young lady.  And you are of course free to do so.  But before you leave I have a few more contracts to fulfill and would appreciate your assistance.  That and I hear one of those Ogrun can make even the grissliest Gorax taste like food right off the table of kings." Tired and hungry Alexia figured a few weeks in relative safety out in the wilderness with the likes and Gorten and his Nyss friends would be okay for a while.

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