28 September 2011

Trollkin War Wagon Speculation

Being afflicted by a healthy dose of speculative energy, here at the Scrum we often ponder the mysteries of the IK universe. This happens with increased frequency shortly before the release of new models happens. As in the past the speculation continues, and though we have been quite a ways off on a few models, we have been surprisingly close on others (we hit the Bomber right on the head).

With the upcoming release of the War Wagon our creative juices have been a flowing. Now it may not seem it, but we do try for balance when we speculate. Though sometimes our desire for the models rock overpower our instinct to balance them effectively. Lock and Load showed us the concept art, and we think that starting with the Khador Battle Engine was a safe place to start.

Cost: Okay we all know we pay for it and in Trolls it’s not usually cheap. Gonna go with a 10 here.

SPD: Now we know Longriders are 7 and I think it’s safe to say its not going to be faster. Though Slower could be a safe bet. 6/7. We’re taking the optimistic route here and saying 7. Though Quicken might drop that to 6.

MAT: Trolls do decent here even with all the buffing that can occur, and in sticking with the Gun Carriage Stats we’re going to say 7.

RAT: This is a tough one for Trolls, our absolute best shooters are 7, are average shooters are 5 and our worst is 4. Safety choice says 5.

DEF: Troll, departing from the Gun Carriage we say 12, after all it’s a staple stat line for Trolls.

ARM: Longriders are 17 and Horthol mounted is 18. And it is being pulled buy Tuffalo so we will say 17.5… okay 18.

Damage Boxes: 20 is a nice round number. I’d be unhappy with less and exited with more.

Mounts: They’re buffalo, and we think it’ll function like the Gun Carriage. POW 14 attacks with Critical Knockdown

ATTACKS: Here is where we depart from the Gun Carriage ‘a bit’ The photo shows me a big old cannon that looks like it can swing but probably not in 360 deg arcs. I’m thinking something along the lines of Thumper Cannon Range 14”. But the art makes the cannon look bigger than a Thumper so maybe and AOE. And since Trolls like to throw stuff around I’m going to say Critical Devastation. With a little Troll loading we may even have an ROF 2 on the things. Weapon Platform would allow ranged attacks outside of melee but with the target in melee penalty.

RNG 14, POW 16, AOE 5”, Critical Devastation, ROF 2.

We also see a scattergunner on there. So Spray 8, POW 12, only in the back arc? Or maybe one on each side with 90 degree arcs. If there is two of the ROF on the big gun is only 1. If the big gun is only ROF 1,Critical Devastation wouldn’t be good enough. So how about the AOE becomes rough terrain and models ending in the AOE suffer POW 12 Fire Damage for staying in or moving through it..

RNG 14, POW 16, AOE 4”, Rough Terrain, ROF 1.
SP 8, POW 12, x2, 90 arcs on the left and right side of the platform.

Pygs are loading the thing so maybe we have three types of ammo on the big gun.

First choice RNG 14, POW 16, AOE 4”, Rough Terrain, ROF 1.
Second Choice RNG 14 POW 14, Slam (like the Thumper) ROF 1.
Third Choice (Grapeshot) SP 10, POW 14, Continuous Fire, ROF 1.

Unlike the Gun Carriage, I don’t think there will be a Pygmy Troll Bushwacker riding the thing.

SO to sum up the rampant speculation on the Trollkin Battle Wagon.

Cost: 10, Wounds: 20, SPD 7, MAT 7, RAT 5, DEF 12, ARM 18.
Tuffalo POW 14, can charge, trample,
2x Scattergunners, SP 8, POW 12, each with a 90 Deg arc on the left and right side.

Big Gun, 3 choices for shot.
First choice RNG 14, POW 16, AOE 4”, Rough Terrain, ROF 1.
Second Choice RNG 14 POW 14, Slam (like the Thumper but since it’s a battle engine it would slam everything but other battle engines d6) ROF 1.
Third Choice (Grapeshot) SP 10, POW 14, Continuous Fire, ROF 1.

And Tough of course.

Okay I know we got a little outta control there on the shot choices… but hey, not only is it speculation, but rampant speculation at that.

General Battle Engine Info:
General Battle Engine Stuff

Huge base for all warmachines.
Can't be thrown, knocked down, slammed, pushed, or made stationary.
Can run, aim, charge.
They have to deployed first.

They don't have concealment, cover, elevation; forest and clouds don't block los to them.
They have pathfinder and can be repaired (I'm guessing Hordes ones can be healed).

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