09 September 2011

Elite Khador Jacks vs. Budget Khador Jacks

Hello Scrummers, Im back from my hiatus in the mountains of Switzerland. I went on a soul searching, 5 week hike through the Swiss Alps and...You're not buying any of this are you? Ok, so I actually just have a bad habit of falling off the planet. But Im back for awhile.

Today I want to talk about WarJacks, and more precisely, you guessed it, Khador WarJacks.
Now in Khador there is a very large disparity of funcitonality between our elite 'jacks (ala Drago, Beast, and Behemoth.) And our rank and file 'jacks(pretty much everything else.) Many tournament Khador lists have been almost exclusively single 'jack lists with one of those elite 'jacks. However there has been an influx of cheap 'jack armies recently that have been running four, five, and even six 'jacks.

The difference is, if your army only needs one 'jack it needs that 'jack to be really good. But if your army would like several bastions of ARM 20 then multiples of the cheap guys works wonders. Most armies can handle one, two, or even three of the big red guys. I cant thing of many that can handle five. The first and most obvious question about this list is who can run it? most of my casters are focus greedy, and dont like having more than one 'jack. But there are some that can not only handle several, can thrive with them.

The Butcher, Karchev, even epic Vlad. All of these casters excel at running more than one 'jack. So these guys will be targets of future posts.
But Im getting ahead of myself, this is the Trollblood Scrum after all. If I had a troll player sit down across from me and I was playing a multi-jack list what wouldnt I want him to bring/do.  Well naturally the biggest problem would be Gunnbjorn. That devastation on his gun is murder on Khador 'jacks. We're slow enough as it is. Stop making it worse. Since all of my budget 'jacks can hit at most 5 targets in a turn (and thats unboosted) any type of large infantry body would really pose a problem. Kriel warriors and Caber tossers have a bad habit of not letting 'jacks engage the things they need to engage. Earthborn trolls stealing the POW of my weapons is a special kind of hell for Khador players as a lot of our cheap jacks have POW 5-7 weapons. Thats a lot of hurt. But all in all any army that you can kite me around with will have a really good chance of stopping me dead in my tracks.

That's my thoughts, obviously I'm not a troll player and there are probably lots of ways to deal with big red robots. Those are just my ideas.

"Memento Mori" latin drinking toast meaning "remember that you are mortal"
Well here is another post from me.

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  1. Weenie factions and your stupid character Warjacks.....grumble, grumble......Just wait until I get Rocinante!!!! :P