10 September 2011

Paint and Model Like You Got a Pair!!

I was planning a few in-depth painting and tactics posts, but between re-modeling my basement and the gawd-awful amount of overtime I've been working, I decided to keep it simple this time. Instead, I will make the first post in a small series with various tips and tricks meant to inspire any wargamming hobbyist of any skill level. I am also writing this from work, so please.....don't tell my boss! :P

I've been gaming since the late 80's, and have been painting miniatures for roughly 17 years. While I don't consider myself an expert painter or modeler of any sort, I am, however, quite adept at putting out fantastic looking, battlefield quality armies in relatively little time. The following is a few tips for anyone looking to enjoy the hobby side of miniature gaming.

Tip #1) - Have fun!!!! This is probably the biggest bit of advice I can give anyone playing this game. Where it is fun showing up for a tourney or a pick-up game at your LGS and playing a few hard-fought games, people tend to overlook how fun and rewarding the hobby side of the game can be. Painting and modeling can and should be fun. Don't look at it like a job or a chore, look at it as an escape from the grind of everyday life. Take pride in your hobby and be proud of your work when you finish a kick-ass looking warjack or unit. Having the right attitude goes a long way to enjoying both sides of this great hobby.

Tip #2) - Keep it real. Set small, achievable goals. Don't look at your entire collection and think, "I gotta paint all that?" This can be overwhelming and counter-productive to your painting goals. Instead, come up with a 35 or 50 point army, then paint it in stages. Start on your caster and battlegroup. Work on these until you finish. Move on to a unit and work on until completion, then move on and so forth. Setting small goals not only keeps you focused on the task at hand, but gives you a greater satisfaction once you finish each stage.

Tip #3) - Avoid Painting ADD. Painting and modeling ADD is very real. When working on your current goal, keep all other miniatures or projects put away or out of reach. Keeping your work area clear of excess models will help you keep focused on your current goal, especially if the excess models are new. Having too many models in your painting area may cause you to loose interest in your current project and start a new project, leaving you with several half finished and unfinished projects.

That's it for now. I better get my ass back to work before I get caught. Keep an eye out for more of my tips and tricks in the future as well as more tactica articles.

In the meantime, Paint like you got a pair!!!!

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