04 November 2011

Dire Brackets Round 2 Closing/Results

Grim takes down another Madrak this time eliminating his epic form and eMadrak destroyed most of Grim's army.  Pair of Bombers negated Grim Salvation allowing Grim and the Blitzer to shoot madrak to death.

pDoomshaper proved too much for Gunnbjorn's winter troll swarm thanks to rampager and Gunnbjorns own Earthborn taking out Gunny.

and Finally Grissel's song annoys eDoomshaper so much he overextends and finds himself face to face with Grissel herself.  Yup Grissel's army is faster than Doomy's

Scoring update and Round 3 Analysis TBA

Caster's Currently eliminated
Jarl 0-2
pMadrak 0-2
Gunnbjorn 1-2
eMadrak 0-2

Caster's Fighting elimination
Borka 1-1  vs  Grim 2-1
pDoomshaper 2-1 vs eDoomshaper 1-1

Caster's with No Losses
Grissel 3-0 vs Calandra 2-0

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