20 November 2011

Son's of Bragg - AKA SoB's - A quick glance at our first Character Unit

Son's of Bragg - Trollblood Trollkin Character Fall Caller Unit
We have finally been blessed with our first Character Unit and oh what we have been given.  In this article I am going to detail why I think this is perhaps one of the best units we possess in faction.

Starting out there are 3 of them by the names of Wrathar, Tor, and Rhudd.  They are all autonomous with Identical stats lines.

SPD: 6
STR: 7
MAT: 7
RAT: 6
DEF: 13
ARM: 15
CMD: 9

Standard Fell Caller stat line with a bump in def that the regular Fell Caller lost in the MKII change.  They are solid across the board and with a little support can be fairly survivable and powerful on these stats alone.
Things to note: CMD 9 lets you spread their formation rather wide and make them almost like 3 solos.  Keep in mind though, if someone snipes out the leader, you can find your unit in a precarious situation, but, it does open up your formation and really give you some flexibility in the unit.

These guys have a laundry list of abilities so I'll start out by going over the basics and then go into their Fell Calls.

Fearless and Tough are the standard but they each hold  a little something special.

Reach POW 12 Weaponmaster

Pow 10 Weaponmaster
Sp8 Pow 12

2 x Pow 10 Weaponmaster

Fell Concert -
At the start of this unit's activation choose one of the following fell calls to make.
All killer and no filler here folks these fell calls are gold.  You will get use out of each and every one and be thankful for the versatility.

Call to Action -
Stands models in the unit up.
It's not steady, but it's the next best thing.  The great thing about each of these guys being able to call is that even if they are all knocked down you will still get the use of 2 of them and perhaps Tor can sac his move to stand and use his spray.

Call of Defiance -
Tough on 4,5,6.
This is an undeniable boost in their survivability.  With this they can easily contest a control point or be a thorn in your enemies side.  They will be difficult to remove and dangerous upon their next activation.  Boomhowler and MKI Kriels have enjoyed this for quite some time, it's about time someone else got in on the fun.

Fervor -
+2 to attack and damage rolls during their activation.
This is the bread and butter here.  This is what turns these guys from a normal unit into a tactical nuke.  They easily have better output then anything else of the same point value and are more versatile because of the spray.  Not only that but they are incredibly accurate because of this, so even high defense targets aren't safe from these guys.

It's going to be truly fun figuring out the best ways to use these guys.  At a glance they fit in nearly any list and can be the most potent 6pts we can bring.  Tune in next time after I have had a chance to play test for some notable stats and synergies!


  1. Don't forget assault! Or the "shout and clout" as Im calling it!

  2. Heres a thought...with some of our casters, and the axer, because they are a. Small unit, it's feasible to multi cast animi on them. Picture quicken, plus a few doses of rush for an 18" pathfinder run, or a 13" charge....with the spray as well, just drop quicken on them, give Tor rush and watch his threat extend to 21" on the assault...all of this is fury hungry, but potent, to say the least. Put an axer and a chronicler with them for a highly effective flanking force, and the combination of reach and a spray in the unit means they like epic Madrak's feat rather a lot as well.

    Just some things to mull,,,

  3. unfortunetly courtesy of MKII Rush only works on warbeasts.

  4. From what I've heard they all use the same fell call. they can't each choose one