23 November 2011

Give Thanks

The young Dire Trolls all sat around the fire to listen to their Grandpa Dire Troll  called Stone Eater.

"Be Thankful," the old Dire Troll growled, "for all the tasty humans that abound for you to eat."

"Be Thankful," the old Dire Troll snapped, "for all the wonderful things they build for you to smash"

"Be Thankful," the old Dire Troll exclaimed, "for all the tasty creatures in the wilds that try to fight"

"Be Thankful," the old Dire Troll roared, "for our hunger that drives us to glory."

The young dire Dire began their frenzy as the old Dire Troll knowingly guided them toward the battle playing out between the puny humans in the clearing just down the mountain from their caves.

NOTE: Dire Trolls are typically solitary creatures and probably don't sit around a fire talking to their elders...

During this Holiday of Thanks, please remember all the things we are grateful for as we play this wonderful game with our friends.  Here at Trollbloodscrum we encourge you to use this upcoming holiday season to give a little back if you can.  When you are finished, go smash each others armies up at your local gaming store.

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