07 November 2011

EvilFuzzyDoom - Chronicler of Trollblood exploits

This is my "About Me" article, of the sort which contributors to publications have always written. It's a traditional sort of thing. I'm an Australian, so you can expect the occasional curse-word & odd spellings, to go along with my upside-down view of the universe.

Age: 24
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Factions: Trollbloods, Khador

I'm a long-term wargamer, having played Warhammer 40,000 since 1997 and dabbling in Warhammer Fantasy or historical wargames once in a while. I've not been playing WarmaHordes all that long, just since early 2011; a few of my friends had begun playing and talked about it regularly and I would regularly get that feeling where you think you should understand what's being said but don't. It was like everybody was talking Dutch or something; very close, but not quite the same when you listen to the actual words.

So, one month of browsing the Privateer Press website later, I picked up Trollbloods. To be honest my first choice was almost Khador but we had an unwritten policy of not doubling-up on other friends' army choices. This ruled out Cygnar, Khador, Menoth & Cryx so I started looking at Hordes. Legion looked like Tyranids bred with play-doh, so that was out. Skorne was tempting but I once collected Khornate Space Marines and I don't think I could name a paint scheme I've had more trouble with than red and brass. A few models from the Circle range grabbed my eye but the rest I actively disliked. Trollbloods initially didn't strike me as fantastic, but at some point I realised I could field Obelix, trench machinegunners and Scottish samurai in the same list and that this was the best thing ever (I did eventually pick up some Khador, though).

My group meets in and runs League games out of a venue affectionately nicknamed "The Church" which is actually an excellent geeky share-house with a large living area and reverse cycle air conditioning.

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