19 January 2012

Dire Brackets ~ Final Results

The results are in and it wasn't pretty, but our fair Warlock Grissel Bloodsong takes the cake.  Now for the final Exibition game pGrissel vs eGrissel.

Winner of the Dire Brackets goes to Grimsnik, the proud owner of a fancy new car... well not quite.

Now to the exhibition throw down.

Our own Goris, The Death Claw will be driving Grissel Bloodsong, Fel Caller in a grudge match against Mr. Mike 'The Shenaniganizer' Davies who will be driving our newest Warcaster Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels.  They will be playing a 50pt throw down to vie for supremecy, one Warcaster an old staple.  The other Warcaster trying to prove that you don't need a good feat to win.  In their last matchup Goris stole deafeat from the clutches of victory and would like to attempt avoiding a repeat.

Stay tuned for their lists and strategies and full coverage of their throw down.  Right here at Trollbloodscrum.


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