15 January 2012

Scrum Painting Challenge Contestants!

Well folks I have quite a few enthusiastic people joining in on the FUN!  We have 23 people participating!  Well folks, good luck and the too be announced prize will be determined here shortly once I decide what I can con out of Blah.

So without further ado, here are our Participants:
Goris - Trolls
Bakaryu - Trolls
TheGreatBlah - Trolls
SlapHappySid - Whatever the hell he wants I guess...


Lawso - Trolls
Somnicide - Trolls
D.Vader - Trolls
OkieMurse - Trolls
Kamahin - Trolls
Batma - Trolls
Celedor - Trolls
Actual - Trolls
SchnauzerFace - Trolls
Greggle - Trolls
JustNCREDIBLE253 - Trolls
Nghannan - Trolls/Minions
Ikras - Trolls/Cygnar
Zreef - Trolls/Cryx
s0ule55 - Khador/Circle/Cryx
Komodokeeper - Cygnar
Freaker187 - Cygnar
Jack Tesla - Khador
Angry Elf - Retribution

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