23 January 2012

Trollblood Theme Forces - Alpha guide and "To Buy" shopping lists

by PG_joedj 

Currently there are 12 Trollblood Theme Forces
If you are considering purchasing Trollbloods, Theme forces may be a fun (and financial) consideration!

Exact Tier requirements and benefits are not listed (protect the IP). Individual strategy guides when written (by our community) will be linked to the Theme title.
"Recommended buys" are IMHO only. As a PP and Trollblood fan, I expect Trollblood players to have every model! 

Borka Drunk and Disorderly
Tier 4 Min requirements: Scouts unit, Skaldi Bonehammer/Champions unit, 2x Winter Trolls
Recommended buys: Stop at Tier 3: Champion Hero, Mauler (-1 or -2 Winters )

Borka Family Reunion
Tier 4 Min requirements: 2x Champion Heros, Stone Scribe Chronicler, 3x Champions or Sluggers units or mix
Recommended buys: Skaldi Bonehammer, Second Champions Kithkar from PP online store for 2x min Champions units

Calandra Children of Dhunia
Tier 4 Min requirements: 2x Trollkin Solos (Fell Caller, SSC, Runebearer), Scouts or Pyg unit, 2x EBDT
Recommended buys: Axer, Burrowers (max)

Doomie1 Runes of War 
Tier 4 Min requirements: Janissa Stonetide, 2x Runeshaper units, 2 NC Dire Trolls (Mulg ok)
Recommended buys: Mulg, EBDT, KSB, as many Runeshaper units as you can afford/fit

Doomie2 Unbridled Fury
Tier 4 Min requirements: 2x Scouts units or 2x Champions units or 1 each, Ten Troll Whelps, Mulg
Recommended buys: Runebearer, EBDT

Grim Headhunters
Tier 4 Min requirements: Dannon Blythe & Bull, 2x Scouts or Pygs units or mix, 3x ranged NC warbeasts
Recommended buys: Impaler, Bomber, Pyre or Slag, Burrowers.

Grissel1 Blood of Bragg
Tier 4 Min requirements: 2x Kriel Warriors units, 2x Pyg units, 3 light NC warbeasts
Recommended buys: Pyre/Slag, Swamp (cheap points), Cabers x6 or as many as you can afford/fit.

Grissel2 Blockade Runners
Tier 4 Min requirements: Horthol, Sons of Bragg, 3x warbeasts (mix of Axer, Bouncer, Impaler, Blitzer, Bomber, Mauler)
Recommended buys: Long Riders, Bomber, Impaler

Gunnbjorn The Big Bang
Tier 4 Min requirements: 2x ranged units (Scattergunners/Sluggers/Scouts/Burrowers/Bushwhackers/Sons of Bragg), 2x Thumper Crew, 3 NC ranged Dire Trolls
Recommended buys: Stop at Tier 2: Bomber. Tier 3 requires 2x Thumper, Tier 4 requires 3x Bomber/Blitzer mix

Jarl Highwaymen
Tier 4 Min requirements: 2x Scattergunners units (free UA!), 1x unit of Kriel Warriors or Bushwhackers or Sons of Bragg, 3x light NC warbeasts
Recommended buys: Sons of Bragg, Impaler

Madrak1 War Party
Tier 4 Min requirements: 2x Kriel Warriors units (free UA!), 2x Bushwhackers units, Axer, Impaler
Recommended buys: Cabers x6

Madrak2 End Times
Tier 4 Min requirements: 2x Fennblades units (free UA!), Horthol, 2 NC Dire Trolls
Recommended buys: Long Riders


  1. Is kithkar the kilt lifter or am i missing something?

  2. I found kithkar. Should search harder first.
    Is this a way to get a second leader for the unit so you can run to min units? Genius.