21 January 2012

Scrum Painting Challenge Week 1 Submissions!

Hello again folks, it's time for the first round of pictures in our Challenge as well as a few extras from me.  I have been painting quite a bit lately and as a result I have 3, count them 3 Warlocks to show you this week in addition to our other contestants submissions!

First off over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of painting 2 awesome models, Jarl and eGrissel.

And finally my Submission for the week, pMadrak in all of his pale Glory!

You can tell Blah clearly hates his Scattergunner!


Sid posts his Red pMadrak!


 OkieMurse with an amazing Dire Troll Mauler

D.Vader with an amazing Trollkin Champion

JackTesla with the Old Witch

Grimsnik with Saxon Orrik Standing on a Trollblood head.  I am not pleased.

Batma with his cool blue Pyre Troll.

Actual with his fierce green Blitzer.

s0ule55 with his mean Helldiver with awesome glow effects.

Lawso with his electrifying Purple Earthborn!

Celedor with an amazing Laris!

Zreef with his LAVA MULG!

Ikras with an Impaler.

SchnauzerFace with yet another MULG!

Kamahin with his red Calandra.

JustNCREDIBLE253 with his sparkly toughalow.

Noghannon with a sweet Caber Thrower.

Somnicide comes with yet another impaler!


  1. Excellent work gentlemen!

  2. Looking good guys!

    I'll have my Storm Strider up for next week, basing parts were shipped to the wrong address! doh!