11 October 2013

The Hunters Grim Challenge ~ Usage Rates

This will be the first post in a series of numbers based of our Hunters Grim Challenge.   This first part is 'Usage Rate'  Which shows the frequency and number (out of 90) that each model was used in this test.

ModelUsageUsage Rate
Burrowers Max6370.00%
Fell Caller5156.67%
Scattergunners UA4145.56%
Slag Troll3437.78%
Fennblades UA3336.67%
Fennblades Max3134.44%
Bone Grinders Min2730.00%
Scattergunners Min2527.78%
Krielstone Elder2022.22%
Krielstone Min1820.00%
Scattergunners Max1718.89%
Storm Troll1718.89%
Sons of Bragg1415.56%
Thumper Crew1213.33%
Mountain King88.89%
Krielstone Max77.78%
Kriels Caber66.67%
Janissa Stonetide55.56%
Saxon Orrick55.56%
Warders Max55.56%
Bushwackers Max44.44%
War Wagon44.44%
Champion Hero33.33%
Fennblades Min33.33%
Gatormen Max33.33%
Sluggers Max33.33%
Burrowers Min22.22%
Kriels Max22.22%
Kriels UA22.22%
Sluggers Min22.22%
Swamp Gobbers22.22%
Witch Doctor22.22%
Champions Min11.11%
Gatormen Min11.11%
Long Riders Max11.11%
Long Riders Min11.11%
Swamp Troll11.11%

Here is what I would glean from this table or rather what my opinon is of what this data might show.

Assuming people had enough games to alter thier lists based on what was working for them you can infer that models with a usage rate above 45% are likely models that people stayed confident in using as their lists changed during the challenge.  These models are those that one could consider Staples, or result in a high probability of helping your Grim list achieve it's goals.  Personally, I don't use the Runebearer with Grim, but most people have been.  Additionally, I don't think it is any surprise to us that people like the Burrowers the most when they play The Hunters Grim.

Then we have the yellowing area of the table.  Models with a usage rate between 15 and 30%.  There are two categories I would think these set of models fall into and more data would like show greater separation of the two based on usage percentage.  1- Some of these models are models that people starting using and has success with but as a group they were later additions, the models that fall into this category would be models whose percentage would increase over time with the collection of more data.  I'd wager that with more data the Sons of Bragg and Mulg would find their usage increase.  2- The second set in the group are models that everyone thought wold be GREAT with THG, but through game play found out they were not.  In my opinion with the colleciton of more data you would see the usage of Bone Grinders andd the Krielstone decrease.

Finally we have the models whose usage is below 10%.  Again there are two kinds of models in the group 1- Models that just did not get tested enough.  Models that are generally liked but did not see enough table time with our data to make any impact on the numbers.  Models like the Earthborn and Rok are probably models that would see a much higher usage rate with more data.  2- The second set of models in this group are generally models that are widely considered unusable with any Caster.  These are models whose usage rate would be low regardless of what warcaster you bring.  He isn't on the list at all because nobody who reported games (other than myself and my data is not in there ) but the Skinner is a model whose usage rate would likely stay low no matter what Warcaster you had.

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  1. I'm surprised at the Kriel Warriors being so low on the list, and that no one had ever used runeshapers. I think that is a very potent combination of effective jam units that cannot be knocked down for kriel warriors (perfect for running up to mark target) and the runeshapers to knock things down with quake and get better line of sight to things.