22 October 2013

Hollow Echo's big debut

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste ,I've been around for a long, long year .... Actually since 2010 , My name is Zach but you can find me on the Forums as PG_Hollow_Echo. Im from the Heart of Dixie. My local store ,The Foundry , is 35 miles away. I try to play every week but real life happens (RLH). As for my geek cred, I started playing dungeons and dragons in 6th Grade when a friend of the family let me play a thief...I lasted a whole two hours...but the hook was set. Cut to the summer of 1995,I had seen had a pretty box of dudes in red armor fighting Orks for sale and with my birthday coming up.it was all I asked for. The sweet,sweet, taste of plastic "krak" had begun. Then in 2008, I went to GenCon  I had seen the adds for Warmachine and Hordes. So I stopped buy the booth ,got a demo in, and bought a figure ....Reinholdt... Or as I called him " Waun" I painted him up and used him in a D&D campaign as the side kick of the party. Two years later I'm picking up a Cygnar box set and a Menoth box set ...I applied to be a Pressganger within a month. Now your saying that's great man, but we came here for trolls,let me state this ,I love Gunnbjorn. I own a tier 4 list for him ..but I also love competitive play with all the combos and tricks of the trade. Over all I rather lose a great game then win one by "cheesy" move and arguing a rule. In my off time I love building terrain. So with all that in mind I will be writing some articles that will be about a myriad of topics.
Have Fun!

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