15 October 2013

Feast of Blades: Recap Part 1

After a long nap I am finally recuperated from the weekend. Feast was a good time and I hope to see it continue to grow. They have hopes of becoming a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier and I would love to see it happen.

Before I get into my games and lists I wanted to point out some of the pluses for Feast.

First and foremost you could drink in the gaming hall and they were selling beers right outside the hall. I personally feel this is absolutely key to having a good convention. The hotel also had great prices, none of this $6 beer bull shit. The beer was $3.50 for a 12 oz cup. It seemed they just brought out random kegs because it was Coors Light at first then it switched to 1554 a personal favorite of mine.

There were some other good things too like a vendor area with lots of different gaming widgets, mekanika studio's trays, air brushes, hobby stuff, and some models for different games (I was able to pick up some things for Malifaux).

Day 1 I played in the Hardcore event. I was a little sad to see only 10 players show up for the event, but regardless I got 3 good games out of it so I couldn't really complain. Plus my back thanked me for a short day. One odd thing with this event was they allowed a 3 minute extension, so was a bit more relaxed than other hardcore events I have done. Here is what I played


Fell Caller
Champion Hero
Min KSB w/ Elder

In my first game of hardcore I played against eFeora, the basis of the list was errant screen with tough no knockdown, Judicator, and Reckoner. As it tends to be with Menoth, this game was a long attrition battle. At one point I was down 3 heavies while my opponent had a heavily damaged judicator and a full health reckoner left on the table. With some luck and good placement I was able to even out the attrition fight and worked on a dice down win. In the end though my opponent brought his caster forward to remove my axer and put some damage on madrak, but it wasn't enough and he had spent to much focus so I was able to win by caster kill with maybe 3 or 4 minutes left in the round.

So my first game was a real nail biter, I was glad to have brought a sturdy caster who can anchor the game like Madrak. Looking back on this game I realized I need to be more methodical about my placement in the early game. I also need to remember to use every attack available to me, many turns I could have thrown Madrak's axe but forgot.

In my second game I played against Vlad 3 and all the horses. The list is extremely fast and had my on my backfoot from the get go. This was my first time getting to play against this so I was excited to see how I would do against it. Essentially my plan was to sacrifice board position, and my caster's health to draw my opponent in and bait him into over extending his forces so I could get a good crusher chain. Essentially he hammered into my lines removing my Mauler and heavily damaging my Earthborn, I had expected to lose the Earthborn but bad dice kept him alive. I was able to remove most of the horses with my feat. Mulg and the Axer did all the heavy lifting since the Earthborn frenzied. My opponent went for an assassination but had to spend too much fury to get to me and he elected to get hand of fate on himself. I burned the scroll but still had two transfers when the attempt was over. So I gambled and was able to pull out a caster kill.

Honestly I think this game came down to my opponent under estimating Mulg + Madrak's feat. Also Madrak is a tough son of a bitch to kill with surefoot and a wall. All the horses is a really scary list and I can't wait to play it myself, but I just happened to have a good counter to it with my brick and feat. Again I should have been chucking axes every chance I had. I also need to work on positioning to mitigate the damage from sprays.

My last game was against Ossyan, the game was recorded so you can all tell me how terrible I am when it gets posted. I feel I made a key mistake in this game, on Madrak's feat I misjudged my crusher chain and my mauler fell a bit short of a model that led to his Hyperion. Instead of calling an audible I sent Mulg in anyway. I rolled fairly well and did a lot of damage, but it really wasn't worth losing two heavies for half a Hyperion. After this mistake my opponent and I knew it was GG. I simply continued killing what pieces I could and he did his best to not make a mistake and give me an attempt at Ossyan's life.

It was great to get three really tactical games in a row. The big take away from this game for me was take the path that offers the best odds at success. This is something I unfortunately didn't learn in time for round 3 of the masters event, but it's something I will endeavor to work on.

Saturday I showed up a little late to the Divide & Conquer event because I assumed it was starting at the same time as hardcore the previous day. So the girlfriend and I went out and saw the sites. In part 2 I will talk about the masters event, my lists, and my numerous mistakes.

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