25 March 2009

Epic Doomshaper Wins his Debut Match!

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia. So I beat the Teleporting Cygnar caster on my second turn in a 750pt pickup game with eDoomy's feat and a Bonded Mauler with a STR 15 Throwing a handful of Storm Knights at the caster killing him with the third toss (Goad here is fantastic). Also the first throw needed boxcars to hit and happened to hit, next time I throw my Kriels for a better chance to hit when I miss. Question is, is eDoomy a one-trick pony like the Borka Bomb? I'd say, you play him SUPER agressive, because he is dead if they attack him.

Second game was a 350 point game with Borka against Menoth.
The dice gods smiled down upon me again when on turn two his Ashes to Ashes spell missed with snake eyes. Since I couldn't shoot him my Impaler with rage on it charged his arcnode jack with the push-back shield and took out the shield on the first hit and the arcnode on the second hit. Sensing his demise he tried to take out Borka but his 17 armor was too much for the auto-hitting redeemer rockets due to some low boosted damage rolls. My Raged, Beer-ed up Borka, charged his caster and ended him in one hit with PS18+4D6.

All in all a good night for the Trolls. I'll post better reports tomorrow since my blurry eyes need sleep.


  1. I want a rematch at 350. I have some ideas...LOL

  2. Don't forget to edit your post and mention the cheating done by the trolls!! :)

  3. Well, I could do that, but killing two of them to clear line of sight (which I will make sure to do in the future) would have been easy to do with Primal shock. That turn Doomy wasted 4 fury healing something that didn't need to be healed because I didn't know what to do with the fury. And I am pretty sure that Four Primal shocks would have been enough to take one or two of them down solving the problem...

    On second thought I will post that. Playing correctly is important enough and eDoomy will be using that tactic often I assumed.

  4. Okay, we'll call it a draw then. ;P