06 March 2009

It Begins...

Inspired by McCryx and CerealJon I have begun my very own blog about my table top gaming experience. It all started a little over a year ago when I walked into Phoenix Games and saw the shop owner play-testing Hordes and Warmachine from Privateer Press Nedless to say I was almost instantly hooked. Knowing little about the game I tried to pick up a faction that was the least popular, just so I could have some different from the rest of the players from my local area. Many of them play Warmachine and the new Hordes players had picked up every faction but Trolls, and so it began. With much tolerance from my wife, even support, and a lucky pickup from a friend my Troll army began its journey. Quickly Trolls and I fit together like a glove, they are like Rugby playing, beer drinking, Kilt wearing, maniacs, with little fear of much, and a willingness to throw themselves into the fray with reckless abandon. Trolls as a faction are wonderful, they are the jack of all trades and master of none, with the ability to take a hit on the nose and then swing back. With larger models than most armies they are typically outnumbered when the model count hits the table. Not the hardest hitters or the fastest, they are capable of supporting each other in a way only Menoth can compare with. Even the most average unit in Trolls can easily be turned into a force to be feared with just a little help from a few models. And so, I will report here the goings on with my Trolls with reference to McCryx and Jon so as to not be redundant.

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