09 March 2009

Trollblood Trample.

paint by myself.
Okay, if you play Trolls you know how painful a mass of infantry can be. The biggest obstacle for Trolls is how to efficiently clear out infantry without committing to much effort to do it. Problem for Trolls is that we lack any semblance of credible ranged Threat outside an Impaler, Grim, and Grissel. So how does a Troll army kill a mass of Infantry... Trample them under your feet brothers.

Trample as defined by Battle College
Trample is a warjack/warbeast special attack which allows it to perform melee attacks against multiple infantry in it's path. It is useful to break up formations of troops and take out large quantities of lightly armored infantry in a single turn. Warjacks require a focus point to trample, and warbeasts must be forced. Only heavy warjacks or warbeasts may perform trample attacks. It is an option which needs to be used with some care however, as the 'jack/'beast is unintuitively quite vulnerable during the trample attempt, and it's entirely possible for it to end up wrecked/dead at the end of the action if its targets are not chosen carefully.
For details on how to Trample see Primal p.49

Now don't get me wrong, Trample, is NOT a cure-all tactic and can be dangerous for your heavies lifestyle if not attempted under the right circumstances. Trolls on the other hand are uniquely situated for Trample and here is why... SNACKING. Yup you missed one of those buggers and they take a free strike, no problem you just eat his friends on your way by. My favorite Trample combo is Grim Angus and the Earthborn Dire Troll. Grim for his spell 'Lock The Target' and the Earthborn for his superior movement to all our other Dires.

Most Dangerous Trample to Date - EBDT killing 13 Bane Knights and surviving.
Most Successful Trample to Date - Blizter taking out a whole unit of Longgunners and ending his movement at the feet of the Black 13 boosting for more attacks, killing Ryan and hurting another with FULL health when said and done.


  1. It makes me smile when you talk about trampling longgunners and killing Ryan. :-D

  2. Oh it makes me smile too.

  3. i actually LOL'ed out loud!!!