27 March 2009

This Just In... Impaler Wins Again.

So the polls have been up long enough and if you didn't already know it, the IMPALER is the most hated of Troll light Beasts. The Earthborn beat the Mauler barely, but I think that has more to do with there being more Warmachine players voting. So without much Further Ado, here is my Impaler synopsis.

Trollkin Impaler- paint by Paul
Best light beast/jack in the game... probably.

For a light his stats are, well... average. With boosts his RAT is decent, and you will always boost to hit when doing a ranged attack with him, with aiming you will be hitting 17's on average. I can handle that. The Rest of his stats also remain average but do not fret, his ranged attack and animus more than make up for it.

BATTLE SPEAR - The Impaler is good in melee, decent PS and reach give him more versatility than other troll lights other than the Bouncer. Since his ranged attack is so good people often forget that he gets the job done so well in melee.
THROWN SPEAR - This my friends is half of what makes the Impaler so dang good. His Thrown Spear has an awesome critical slam ability. And since it isn't a melee attack you can even roll things that can't be slammed like say a Khadoran Behemoth. Even though his PS isn't awesome it's a throw, that means you get to add in his STR to the POW of the spear when he throws, most ranged attacks have a fixed POW and cannot be buffed. With Troll buffs you can get him to an 18, which is downright spectacular for a thrown/ranged attack. His range of only 8, looks bad at first until you see his animus.

So the Impaler looks down the shaft of his spear, bends it a little and it now goes four inches farther. This is the other half of why the Impaler is so awesome. Best part about his animus, the Impaler can use it on anything in his army, not just Trollkin. Alten Ashley can now take out a whole spiral of a Hordes beast from as good a distance Cygnar's Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team. Borka's Bomb, Madrak's Ricochet, Grim's Gun, and even Grissel's Hand Cannon now have respectable range.

Force once and get D3 back. Yup all Troll Beasts can do it. When Whelps come out Troll Beasts are getting even harder to kill.

Throw as often as possible, and ALWAYS boost to hit. Crit Slam is just that good, plus Farstrike is spectacular for Trolls because our range is so bad. Often I use all three of the Impaler's Fury to cast Farstrike and then boost to hit. Counter-Charge is one of the Impaler's secondary roles and he fulfills it nicely. It's hard to remember that the Imp is worth anything in Melee, but if he gets tied up in melee he can be effective.


  1. Cast Fortify, laugh at critical slam. Of course I need Darius for that.

  2. Well your Hunter scares the living crap outta me, but he ain't no Impaler.

  3. Wasting focus to keep from being slammed? Just means you're not casting meaner things. Impalers are far and away the best light warbeasts in the game. Some people would argue serraphs because of their kill factor but in an overall rounded analysis the Impaler can dish it, has a animus which is sick and can take a hit to boot. Serraph gets looked at funny and it becomes a bucket of fried chicken.

    Impaler ftw!