10 March 2009

How a Troll Assassinates a Master Assassin...

Paint by Marie
Round Three pairing for the tourney at my local Leagues and who is it that the Trolls have to beat down? Lord Assassin Morghoul!!! Skorne v Trolls is always an epic matchup, one of my buddies started on Skorne about the same time my Troll army began its plight so the Skorne army is no mystery. Trolls can handle everything Skorne has except for one minor detail. Lord Assassin Morghoul is quite capable of assassinating any caster he wishes... so this begs the question. How does a Troll assassinate a master assassin?

I'm working on a strategy to not only survive the Inevitable attempt at my life from a DEF 17 caster that won't let me have tough or transfer damage. Something outside of the box most likely, something CerealJon is intimately familiar with because he has been victim of it. It's a long shot, but will be glorious.

Battle Report and strategy to come... wish me luck.
Skorne on Battle College
Lord Assassin Morghoul on BC


  1. Hmmm...not to tip your hand but does it have anthing to do with a certain High Executioner flying through the air?

  2. Well it could be, though, eMorghoul sports 17 Def so hitting him with a beast that can throw requires a 12 on boosted dice for me. That said, throwing my own stuff only requires a 7...

  3. Stop playing World of Gay and come interact with real people on Wednesday!

  4. Actually my boss sent me home from work Wed at 10 for puking in his garbage can. Feeling better today but puking at home instead of at work.