07 May 2009

Skarath Eats Nemo... reports that he does taste like chicken.

"Why are these humans so eager to spill Trollkin Blood," Grissel wondered aloud to nobody in particular. This errand to find Dahlia Hallyr and her snake Skarath had been dangerous indeed, as it seemed every endeavor for Trollkin Survival had been. Dahlia's strange music was akin to her own and had already been pivotal in their survival. As they prepared to head back they came upon a small band of Kriel's, Longriders, and half a unit of badly damaged Champions being led by a young Fel Caller. "We have been set upon by a Cygnarrian force with them emblem of the 4th flying among their standards. Their leader is a warcaster that looks like the one Cygnar calls Nemo and even Pendrake fights with them," the young caller reported to Grissel as they joined with her force. "I know Victor well," Grissel sighed, "it would be an unfortunate loss to us and Cygnar if he forces us to deal with him."

His army and mine listed below.

Faction: Cygnar
Army Points: 743 (I Think)
Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo 75
Squire 18
Thorn 93
Centurion 113
Sentinel 72
Long Gunners (7/10) 74
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (3) 77
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (6) 90
Professor Viktor Pendrake 28
Captain Arlan Strangewayes 32
Gun Mage Captain Adept 32
Ogrun Bokur 39

Faction: Trollblood
Points: 750
Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller
Pyre Troll
Troll Impaler
Fell Caller
Trollkin Hero
Kriel Warriors [8]
> Kriel Warrior Standard & Piper[2]
> Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower
Trollkin Champions [5]
Trollkin Long Riders [5]
Swamp Gobbers [2]
Dahlia Hallyr
> Skarath

The map was identical on each side with a 3" rough terrain hill to our rights and a halfsquare low wall on our lefts. He rolled highest and opted to go first. Jacks, strangeways, and Nemo in the middle with his gun mages and the B13 on the right longgunners and gun mage solo on the right. Trolls deployed with the Kriels on my left across from the longgunners. Champs, Beasts, Fel Caller, Hero and Grissel in the middle left with Gobbers, Snake chick and longriders on the right.

Turn 1 Cygnar - He advances at a partial run casts a few beneficial spells and waits. Thinking the best I can do is get into countercharge range on my turn.

Grissel knew Nemo had much more experience on the battlefield and winning than almost anyone else. The Battle had just started and already Nemo had made a mistake? That seemed unlikely but Grissel had to do what should could to gain an advantage. Singing a song to lighten the feet of the Kriels they ran to meet the guns of Cygnar.

Turn 1 Trolls - Kriel warriors get the prayer of +2 speed and run, the piper hangs backs to give them all one more inch and hoof it gains them five more ending them in melee with the front ranks of the LGs, Banner minifeats. Main force advances to the wall. Longriders run up and spread out towards the B13 and gunmages and the snake heads for the Bokur.

Turn 2 Cygnar - He feats and Kriel warrior killing commences tough rolls were not on my side all but 3 die. B13 takes down a longrider and the Bokur slams the snake prolly saving its life. His jacks advance up towards my main force with Thorn killing a longrider. His turn ends.

Turn 2 Trolls - Grissel feats the remaining KW kill a few LG and hoof it to engage the ones in back. Pyre buffs the Hero and The Impaler gets a good crit hit taking out the Cent shield leving him open for a charge from the Hero who almost disables him. Champs Charge thorn taking him down. Snakes hops the Bokur and eats Lynch. LR kill the Bokur a few gun mages and hoof it to engage as much as they can. That is all.

"Grissel knows me too well," Pendrake sighed in relief to himself, "she keeps her beasts far out of harms way where my knowledge can help this Cygnar deal with them."

Turn 3 Cygnar - Longgunners and bad in melee only one more KW dies. The Longriders lose one to the B13 and another to gunmages and the Champion on points nearly dies. Strageways repairs the Centurion and it beats on the hero but doesn't kill it, the Hero returns the favor disabling it. Nemo moves up a bit to finish a Longrider and his turn ends.

The song of that Trollkin whore and the eerie flute music of the Iosian buzzed in Nemo's ears making it hard for him to concentrate... not something he was used to having problems with. He shook his head to clear it and as he looked up the biggest Serpent he had ever seen was snapping at him...

Turn 3 Trolls - Snake boy runs up and leaps into Nemo's face almost killing him... almost. The Impaler throws at him but misses then Farstrikes the Pyre who's luck is better and he hits boosting damage a finishing off Nemo.

"Bloodshed ends for today," Grissel called to her force, "We do not murder even our worst enemies." Grissel knew that Nemo's loss would surely only strengthen Cygnar's position to defend and kill her own kind and hoped the old warcaster survived. She also knew she had no choice, it seemed that every turn brought her kin close and closer to their deaths. As her force began to depart Hallyr and her snake came up to her with a human in its mouth and deposited him at her feet, the snakes venom leaving a ruffled but very alive Pendrake paralyzed at Grissels feet. "Ahh Victor my old friend, you place yourself into precarious places more and more of late," Grissel chuckled.

"I have never seen a snake of that species so big," Pendrake panted, "When this paralysis wears off we have much to discuss about how you can avoid some of the other Cygnar contigints on your way back home. It must be quick though, they will miss me and have the wrong kinds of questions for me if my return is too far delayed..."


  1. Cool battle report. BTW this is Dustin from the local group

  2. I couldn't remember some of the exact details, but it looks mostly right to me.

  3. Anonymous08 May, 2009

    Nice Dallas....I got mostly through my fiction...got bored and called it off...LOL

  4. My fiction ended with, then Caine didn't get to move because time ran out. That was ghey so I deleted it. ;)