10 May 2009

PKA Tries to stop Grissel with eFeroa, Grissel Sends Feroa home trussled and tied.

"Madrak's bad luck seems to be our own," Grissel commented to the young Fel Caller. She had sent the young Caller ahead with the unit of Kriels and the two beasts just two days ago and already he had returned with a particularly nasty Slag Troll and an Earthborn that was just a little too smart for a Dire Troll. "We saw a contingint of Menites heading straight towards you on our way to Madrak so he sent back some firepower for you," the young Fel Caller grinned as he pointed over at the Earthborn, "He has been teasing the Slag Troll the whole way here, he keeps pouring seasoning on the Slag every time it isn't paying attention." Grissel was always amazed at the antics of the big beasts, but she remained wary of all the Dire Trolls preferring some of the smaller more intelligent beasts over their larger cousins. Where were the Imaplers, Axers, and Bouncers when she needed them?

Dhalia appeard at Grissels side, "It is Feroa as pompous as ever, she intends to make you pay for taking down that Butcher fellow last week." Grissel Grimaced at the thought, first they had a whole section of the Cygnar army trying to prove themselves by wiping out her race and she keeps running into these PKA folks. Why Khador and Menoth would ally themselves might be of concern for Victor next time she saw him, for now she just wanted a long drink from the newest brew out of Borka's Pygmie brewers. They called it Whelp Ale, and though she was reasonably sure they didn't acutally make it out of Whelps, she had taken a liking to it.

"Longriders take the flank to the East when the ground is more open for your Buffalo the rest of us will take to the Trees and hit them from the other side." Grissel grinned inspite of herself, her primal instinct to fight coming out after this errand had become one battle after another. Even though she didn't want to kill them for no reason, she did enjoy battle. She saw the Menites arrayed in standard formation accross the field and so begun her advance singing to lighten the feet of the Longriders as they went. The Menites looked suprised at her speed, but did not seem to be caught off guard. She heard Dhalia call out from her right and saw her surrounded by some very dangerous looking Menite women while her pet snake seemed affixed on a big big Jack in front of him. As Grissel and her beasts moved to deal with them her own beasts began advancing on the jack immediately after killing them all. "Go get em boys," she sang loud enought that her whole army surged forward to smash the Menite front lines

She sang a song of Battle to her Champions as two large explosions erupted in front of them spewing fire all over them. Truely those were the best of the Troll crop as they continued to fight even as they burned to death. Her Longriders seemed to be bogged down with some particularly crazy looking Menites, but they were killing them hopefully fast enough to help on the flank. Through her bond she found the Slag and Earthborn actually egging each other on and competing with each other to see which one could take out the Menite steam jacks the fastest, she encouraged them on watching the Eartborn rip the large jack apart with his bare hands that looked shaped like giant swords while the Slag Trolls Spittle dissolved the rocket firing jack. She let out a chuckle that seemed to mirror that of the Earthborn as they all turned their attention on Feora and the big jack in front of her. She was proving to be difficult stepping into fire at one place and emerging from one a small distance away lighting everything on fire as she moved away from it.

True to form the burning Champions were already hacking away at the lone remaining Menite jack while one of thier Hero's went after a unit of tough looking well co-ordinated Menites that had caught the Eartborn's attention. "Time for us to put this fool caster down," Grissel said to Dhalia as a stray rocket knocked her out of the fight. Grissel began a song of hope to her army that seemed to buzz in Feroa's ears.

Ready to use her fire to retreat, Feroa began casting the spell when for some reason it wouldn't work. She shook her head to clear her mind but found herself unable to do so. Looking up to get her bearings she found herself face to face with Grissel and the very large Troll beast responsible for tearing her Avatar apart. Still pious to the end Feroa glared at Grissel, "You will pay for my destruction you sub-human whore." As Feora brought her staff to bear, Grissel's own hammer resounded from Feroa's skull knocking her unconcious.

When she awoke she found that she was in a secluded clearing with Grissel and her big Troll. "Do your worst my God will protect me," Feroa spat at Grissels feet.

"Your God does not save you this day woman, I do,"
Grissel spat barely able to keep herself of smashing in this woman's skull and making it into a soup bowl. "I seek only the survival of my people, not the murdering of anyone in the Iron Kingdoms. Know this, if you attack my people again you will pay for it with your life."

At that Grissels song lifted and Feroa stepped into her fire to get as far away from this Troll woman as possible. Feora would have to rethink her position on the intelligence of the Trolls, she did not think however, that she would rethink her feelings that they were an abomination that needed to be rid of from the Iron Kingdoms. She would see this 'Grissel' again, and the next time she would make her pay with her life for her insolence.


  1. Anonymous11 May, 2009

    Great fluff, but I think the actual battle report gets lost in it pretty fast. Your last one had the perfect mix of fluff and battle reports.

  2. Agreed, but I waited too long to remember the turns. I think the reports with more report and a little fluff are the best.

  3. Interesting posts > booring battle reports.

  4. Hey I was bored so i changed a few things on your report. Here is a link to it.