21 May 2009

Sparring Match: Borka vs rMadrak

"I'll bet you my latest keg of Whelp Ale, we can take ya down" Borka boasted over to Madrak... again.

Wednesday night game was against a newer Trollblood player.

My Army....His Army
Impaler....Fel Caller

We played anything goes 350. The board had a low shrub wall right down the middle and two small hills also in the middle that were not rough terrain. My Borka Army rolled highest and I chose to first.

Turn 1 Borka - I run my full distance 10" bringing Borka and Gobbers up and drop some smoke and cast mosh pit.

Turn 1 Madrak - He does a 3/4 run, Surefoots, smokes and waits for me to come to him.

Turn 2 Borka - My Imapler runs to the hill on the right side Mauler runs right down the middle by the bush wall and Slag halfway between the two, Borka upkeeps mosh pit and casts bum rush and I take away the charge to Borka with gobber smoke.

Turn 2 Madrak - His first Impaler hurts my Mauler and his second one Crit Slams him taking the charge away from the Axer. He moves Madrak over Borka's direction behind his Imp and the Fel Caller gets up close to the Axer. He Gobber smokes in front of my army best he can.

"Go get em boy," Borka says to the Mauler, who promptly ran up to Madrak's Axer trying his best to look scary... "I knew we should have brought an older Mauler," Borka shook his head and grabbed a pint from the keg carrier.

Turn 3 Borka - I misjudge the charge distance on my Mauler and so end up 3" short (yeah I know it was a big misjudge) The Impaler throws at the Axer but misses on three dice. Borka Farstrikes himself and bounces the bomb off the Axer and into the Fel Caller killing him and the AOE takes out both gobbers as well. Mosh Pit and Bum rush are both still up and Gobber smoke in front of Borka again.

Turn 3 Madrak - His Axer charges my Mauler and hurts it good real good, then gets mosh pitted for a little damage. Mosh pit ends up killing the Mauler since he is no longer in melee with the Axer both Impalers unload on him finishing him off. Madrak throws at the Slag hurting it a little, nothing in range to ricochet.

"That's how we do it boys," Madrak said approvingly, "Let's see what he can do without his Mauler."

Turn 4 Borka - Borka feats, upkeeps mosh pit and casts bum rush then circles back around behind his army, kenny follows. Slag Troll charges the Axer hurting him a little and slamming him back to knock him down. Impaler throws at the other Impaler also crit slamming him and knocking him and his other Impaler down... yeap he forgot surefoot that turn.

Turn 4 Madrak - Madrak casts surefoot and moves back towards the corner, the Axer stands up and moves up into the slag and gets mosh pitted to death. His Impalers stand up and stick the Slag full of spears killing him.

Turn 5 Borka - Upkeep Mosh Pit, Kenny LQ's Borka. Borka Charges the closest Impaler killing it. My Impaler gets yet another crit on his Slamming it an inch knocking it down..

Turn 5 Madrak - He Charges Borka and comes up short by half an inch then gets Bum Rushed by Borka for it. Madrak does minimal damage on the next few attacks then gets Mosh Pitted for around ten more damage. His Impaler tries to hit Borka but misses.

Turn 6 Borka - Borka hits Madrak on the Head showing him why Trauma is named as such.

"Yeah, you owe me a mug Madrak," Borka said clapping him on the back, "But it was a close one wasn't it?". Madrak said nothing and walked with him to the makeshift Bar the Pygmies had setup. He would get him next time for sure, but more importantly some of their troops both got some needed practice in.

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