01 May 2009

Grissel Beats Down The Butcher...

Grissel wasn't expecting to see any Khadorians let alone 'The Butcher' himself. She had never seen him on the battlefield but knew his reputation well. Not only did she not expect to see The Butcher, she did not expect him to have with him one of the biggest Warjacks she had ever seen. Having only two small Beasts with her she could only hope her small unit of Champions and the pair of Heroes would be able to take care of business.

Grissel had thought Madrak sent her on a fools errand to meet yet another hireling to help their cause, now she felt this errand foolish indeed. As she picked up a rousing song for her troops an eerie melody joined in and compimented her song. As the large jack opened fire she saw a large Snakelike creature flanking the Khadorians and knew she had found not only a hireling as Madrak had suggested but a much needed ally in the upcoming fight. "Those big jacks cannot hope to catch us, get around them to the living and take them apart," As always Grissels voice carried over even the sounds of fire coming from Khadorian guns.

Their suprise at that shadowed only their shock at the speed in which the Trolls were on them.

"No matter the loss of the Troopers," The Butcher mumbled to the hound next to him, "My Behemoth and Beast-09 will show these wretched Trolls why they do not belong in the Iron Kingdoms"

CerealJon over at Getting Small took pity on me and scheduled in a quick 500pt match earlier today. Grissel vs The Stupid Retarded Butcher of I can kill whatever the heck I want to in one hit.

Okay really Grissel didn't do much. It was dieing Champs and Charging Heroes that took care of Business. I will p0st a battle report detailing the futility of playing Khador when you are really a Menite. Sorry CerealJon... after the whooping you gave me last week, payback feels great.


  1. Ya the Butcher is a piece of crap. Outside of MKII of course.

  2. Anonymous03 May, 2009

    I like the way you did this battle report Dallas...I will tell my story from the Butcher's warped perspective....just wait. I can feel the creative juices flowing.