30 December 2011

Bron Hombrew (revisited)

We have speculated on Bron before, and let's face it, Trollbloodscrum Kith and Kriel might even give up beer for a week to get him... as long as he is cool.  Here is another Homebrew version of Bron that we entertain on a regular basis.

external image troll-axer.pngAs Madrak's plight continues one of his most trusted full blooded Trolls Bron has been with him since the beginning.  Having faced countless battles at Madrak's side Bron has shown an intelligence and skill nearly unmatched among Full Blooded Trolls.   With long exposure to Madrak's unique Sorcery Bron has begun to benefit from some of those affects when in proximity to Madrak and has even begun to mimic him to some small degree.  Bron wades into his enemies with unmatched fury cutting them down one after the other.

After one particularly difficult encounter with a lesser Skorne Warlock and a pair of Titan's Bron watched as the Titan's trampled Madrak into the earth.  Feeling the connection to Madrak break, Bron went into a rage and singly handedly destroyed not only two Titan's but the Warlock as well.  Nearly killing himself in the process Bron collapsed thinking the end at come.  When Bron came to some time later the connection to Madrak had returned.  Bloody and bruised the encounter bonded Bron to Madrak in a way that neither had experienced before.

To repay Bron for his long service to Madrak, and the many times Bron had stepped in to keep Madrak safe.  Madrak had Bron's great axe carved with Runes detailing his greatest deeds, imbuing the Axe with Runic Power, granting him even greater power's of regeneration and augmenting Bron's innate abilities.

Trollblood Character Light Warbeast

SPD 5  STR 10  MAT 7  RAT 3  DEF 12  ARM 19  CMD 7  FUR 4  THR 10
Point Cost: 8
Base Size: Medium
Damage:  26 (Mind 8, Body 10, Spirit 8)

Animus                                                                 Cost   RNG   AOE   POW  UP   OFF
Crusher                                                                    2      Self       -           -       No   No
The affected model gains Overtake.  Additionallly when the affected model destroys one or more enemy models with a melee attack, the affected model can make an additional melee attack. (When a model with Overtake destroy's one or more enemy warrior models with a normal melee attack, after the attack is resolved this model can immediately advance up to 1")

Affinity [Madrak Ironhide] - While in Madrak Ironhide's control area Bron gains Steady & Retalitory Strike. (Model's with Steady cannot be knocked down.  When a model with Retalitory Strike is hit by a melee attack made by an enemy model during your opponent's turn, after the attack is resolved the affected model may immediately make one normal melee attack against the model that hit it.  A model can only make one Retalitory Strike per turn.)
Regeneration [d3] - This model can be forced to heal d3 damage points once per activation. This model cannot use regneration during an activation it runs.
Relentless Charge - This model gains Pathfinder during activations it charges
Relentless - When Bron is damaged by an enemy attack, it gains +2SPD for one round

Weapons [Bron]
Rune Carved Great Axe [1x] (<->)                  POW: 5           P+S: 15
Magical Weapon
Thresher (★ ATTACK  ) - This model makes one melee attack with this weapon against each model in it's LOS and this weapon's melee range.
Critical Grevious Wounds - On a critical hit, the model hit by this weapon loses Tough, cannot heal or be healed, and cannot transfer damage for one round.

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  1. This is pure awesome. I would love to see this actually done.