02 December 2011

Jarl Skuld Finished

Repost from Phoenix Games in P3 Color

JARL SKULD Devil of the Thornwood is FINISHED!

I am SO happy to announce that Jarl is finished!

He would have been done over a week ago, had I not dropped him. He slipped from my finger tips only about five inches above the counter which was enough to send him skittering away and into the sink. I immediately saw the left arm pop off and stood frozen, afraid to fetch him out for the thought of what I might find. After a while I mustered the courage to extract and inspect him. It could have been a lot worse. Yes his arm was gone, but there were only 4 small spots where the paint had chipped. As you can see in the photo the paint at the arm joint was severely damaged. I thought I could press it down back into place, but it was too brittle and just cracked off. It was impossible for me to fix the chips completely (three of them were on the leather which you know took a lot of layered washing) If you look closely you can still see those 3 spots where the paint chipped off. I figured no one would be examining him that closely, so I overlooked the imperfections. But if you're interested the most noticeable spot is on the back, right in the middle of his hood, you can easily see it in the picture. Well this is probably the only step-by-step I'll ever do. It was a pain documenting the steps and uploading pictures with my lovely dial-up internet, but I hope it was enlightening.

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