14 December 2011

Khador Journeyman

Did you know that it sucks when your hard-drive crashes? So thanks to Druidsandstuff for letting me use his laptop to post with.This week I want to talk about the Journeyman League. Just as a little bit of preamble, I tried a Zerkova list and it was terrible. She just doesnt work at low point costs. So I restarted my record with the following list.
The Butcher of Kardov (+6)
-Devestator (9)
-Berserker (6)

It is a tight, slow moving battle-box that does one thing. Smashes really well. Basically the turns go the same ever game. Full-throttle, charge smash. Butcher usually ends up getting the iron flesh, +3 DEF to a def 10 'jack doesnt really tip the scales very well. Fury goes almost exclusively to the Berserker. Turning his POW 16 axes into POW 19 makes all the difference in the world. And the bonus to his free headbutt is pretty nice too.

But that was week one. I played all four games and won them all.

For the second week of the League all I did was add the Great Bears of Gallowswood and Wardog. Theyre five points of awesome. POW 12 MAT 8 weapon masters with a whole slew of extra abilities makes them a rough group to deal with. Plus on the Butcher feat turn they can easily wreck two heavies.
For week three I kept the weapon master theme going. I added Fenris, a manhunter, and Yuri. Fenris got added because Ive always been a big fan of the crazy horse cannibal. Hes a great fig to play, relatively cheap for his effectiveness, and his scuplt is one of the coolest things in Warmachine. The manhunter and yuri were a bit of metagaming on my part. Druidsandstuff is one of the guys I go to when I need a league game and he plays Baldur. I got so tired of running around the stupid forests that I added Yuri for his treewalkers Cadre. Treewalker gives my models hunter and the can move through modles in forests and gain +2 DEF against melee attacks in the forest.

Im thinking for the rest of the last week of the league Im going to add Drago and another manhunter to the list rounding out the 35 points.

So far in the League I havent lost with the Butcher. Hes got a lot of tricks and hes relatively forgiving. Ive been keeping track of the number of warcasters/warlocks that Ive killed with one attack by the Butcher. Butcher is one of the hardest hitting casters in the game. With Fury on hes a POW 19, hes a weapons master, has reach and is a MAT 9. Yeah MAT 9. With his feat he charges with five dice. Most casters that like dice plus 3 or 4.

As for the list of OHKO. Barnabus, Sorscha, Morgul, Baldur, Xerxes, Striker x2, With two games down for week three Butcher has personally netted more than half my wins with his big crazy axe. It just goes to show that Khador dont need no stinking arc nodes. We have the best node in the game. Butcher casts axe to face better than anything else in the faction.

So heres' hoping that Butcher carries me the rest of the way. Ill let you guys know how it goes. Oh and I havent played against Trolls yet and Im not looking forward to ever doing it. Theyre way to gnarly for this list. It takes a specially Khador list to beat the Trollbloods.


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