08 December 2011

What More Can The Scrum Do ~ Results

After some great input from many of you it has become apparent that only 4 of you think we are doing a good enough job and that nothing should change.  While that might seem like a good number, when you know that at least 3 of those 4 votes were by authors of the blog it changes the perspective a little bit.  So you our readers have spoken, and dutifully our scrummers have altered their game plans, sharpened their pencils and cleaned out their keyboards with canned air.

 All with the ultimate goal in mind, to possibly do our best to almost give you everything you might want nearly as much as you are getting close to thinking you certainly nearly need.

Everything that more than 20% of you voted for is listed below

General Strategy Guides  57 (68%)
Model/Unit Strategy Guides  57 (68%)
Battle Reports  47 (56%)
Scrum Cast Podcasting  29 (34%)
Painting  24 (28%)
Battle Reports w/Fiction  19 (22%)

You, our readers, our kith and kriel, brothers in arms and comrades.  We will interpret you desires for the scrum in our own way and deliver to you something that will hopefully satisfy.  If it should happen that an article or two leaves you wanting for something different. Just remember... you asked for it.

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