10 December 2011

Sid's Saturday Shenanigans #9 12/10/11

  Welcome back to another episode of shenanigans! At the behest of my fellow authors I have been "persuaded " to make another post. It has been a while since I have last painted and I feel a little rusty, but once school is over I will have more time to paint, and get things done.
I have begun to paint the Magnus battlgroup, and I will not post WIP pics of them, because I want y'all to be surprise when you see the final product of what I will be donating for the Breast Cancer Brawl (snicker snicker). I have been wanting to make my shenanigans more...shenanigany, so I have looked at my previous posts and see what I could do better to make it these posts actually worth reading. After some severe critiquing by yours-truly, I am going to make a few changes in how I post.

   First, I am going to post what paints I used this session to get the look of the model. This will help those that want to use the same colors I did to get the scheme that they want. Second, I am going to list step-by-step what was done to the model mixed with pictures from the model. Just in case someone wanted to copy how I painted the model. I hope that y'all enjoy this new format, and that you will want more shenanigans!

   The guinea pig for this will be my buddy Jason's Mage Hunter Strike Force! I had to think how I was going to paint these guys for the typical angry elf colors. So, I decided to just get as close as I could and go from there. Alright, people let's git-r-dun!

Retribution - Mage Hunter Strike Force

Paints Used:
Ryn Flesh, Flesh Wash, Khardic Flesh, Morrow White
Cuffs, Armor Bits, Collar:
Morrow White, Trollblood Base, Pig Iron, Armor Wash
Umbral Umber, Gnarls Green, Morrow White, Greatcoat Grey, Ironhull Grey

Painting Phases

Phase 1:
Base coated the face Khardic Flesh, and then applied a thin coat of Flesh Wash. Highlighted with a mixture of Khardic Flesh and Ryn Flesh with several stages of highlights. Applied two coats of Flesh wash, and then highlighted again with a mixture of Khardic and Ryn Flesh, and painted a final highlight of Ryn Flesh.

Phase 2:
Carefully brushed several coats of Morrow White on the collar, cuffs and little armor bits. Mixed Trollbood Base and Morrow White and slowly painted in the crevasses of the hip armor piece. Finally, drybrushed Morrow White over that same piece. Painted the eye-patch Thamar Black.

Phase 3:
Base-coated the cloak Gnarls Green. Drybrushed a mixture of Gnarls Green and Ironhull Grey over the "peaking" parts of the cloak in stages, and applied a light coat of a Gnarls Green/Umbral Umber mixture to the "valley" areas. 

   This is just the beginning for this unit. I should be able to paint it very quickly, because Jason asked only for a table-top paint job. I plan on doing a little bit more than that, but either way they will turn out great.

I appreciate any comments or feedback on how I present shenanigans. It will help me run things better in the future, and so that you all can get your fix of painted models. I hope that you enjoyed this issue of S^3, and tune in again when I will attempt to paint the rest of the model, and begin "assembly line" painting them. Have a Merry Christmas, and bash some heads in with Trolly goodness! Peace!


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