20 April 2012

Scrum Captain: Bakaryu, Master Tactician

Where Warlock's like Goris rely on overwhemling force and strict discipline Bakaryu relies on exploiting the weakness in others.  Having a uncanny ability to see the gap between armor plates while fighting with his sword or the flaw in an opposing armies strategy Bakaryu knows when and where to strike using whatever resources he has whether is be a unit of Champions or hard to manage Winter Trolls.

Not much is known from Bakaryu's history though many have linked stories of a wandering Trollkin Warrior seeking out the best warriors in Immoren and deuling them, resulting most often in their death.  Master of countless entanglements Bakaryu's skill with his Dhunian Forged Runeswords is breathtaking to behold.  His skill is unmatched among Trollkin and possibly among the whole of Western Immoren.  All who have faced Bakaryu have fallen before his blades.

Currently Bakaryu fights for Grissel Bloodsong but has kept his reasons to himself.  Grissel is grateful for his unerring ability to achieve the most difficult tasks and winning against unsurmountable odds to aid in securing safety and a new homeland for his Trollkin brothers.  Grissel suspects him to fight for the enjoyment of the challenge more than any other reason.  His future a shadow even to Calandra they all agree that whatever his motives Bakaryu is a master of his art.  Those few Trollkin Bakaryu picks to fight by his side achieve glory and victory beyond their wildest dreams... though for most of them that glory is only written on the Kriel Stones as they usually do not return alive.

Scrum Captain: Bakaryu, Master Tactician
Trollbood Warlock Albino Kithkar
~It waded through my unit cutting them all down before they could draw their weapons.  I hid hoping he wouldn't find me as well.~  Anonymous ex-Trencher... lets call him Tim.

SPD - 5
STR - 8
MAT - 8
RAT - 5
DEF - 16
ARM - 14
CMD - 9
FUR - 5

FA - C
Warbeast Points - 5
Base Size - Medium
Damage - 16

Trollkin Resolve - Attack rolls made by friendly Faction model's in this models CTRL are boosted.   Friendly Faction models in this model's CTRL gain Defensive Line (While model's affected by Defensive Line are in Base to Base with one or more model's of the same faction with Defensive Line, it gains +2 ARM.)  Trollkin resolve lasts for one Round.
~Tactical Tip, Same name abilities do not Stack~

Martial Discipline - Friendly living Faction warrior models with small or medium bases can ignore friendly Faction warrior models in this model's command range when determining LOS and can advance through friendly Faction warrior models in this model's command range if they have enough movement to move completely past them..
Sacrificial Pawn [Faction warrior] - When this model is directly hit by an enemy ranged attack, you can choose to have one friendly, non-incorporeal Faction warrior model within 3˝ of this model directly hit instead. That model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects.
Riposte - When this model is missed by an enemy melee attack, immediately after the attack is resolved it can make one normal melee attack against the attacking model.
Side Step -  When this model hits with an initial attack or special attack, it can advance 2" after the attack is resolved.  This model cannot be targetd by free strikes during this movement.
Anatomical Precision - When this model!s melee damage roll fails to exceed the ARM of the living model hit, that model suffers

Dhunian RuneSword [2x]  POW: 5     PS:13
Magical Weapon
Combo Strike (★Attack) - Make a melee attack. Instead of making a normal damage roll, the POW of the damage roll is equal to this model's STR plus twice the POW of this weapon.

Defender's Ward      Cost: 2   RNG: 6  AOE:-  POW:-  UP: Yes  OFF: No
Target Friendly Faction model/unit gains +2 Def and Arm
Stranglehold              Cost: 2  RNG: 10  AOE: - POW:11 UP: No  OFF: No
A model damaged by Stranglehold forfeits either its movement or its action during its next activation, as its controller chooses.
Last Stand                 Cost: 2 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW:- UP: Yes  OFF: No
Target friendly model/unit gains an additional die on its melee attack damage rolls.  If an affected model makes a melee attack, it is destroyed at the end of the turn.

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  1. Hmm DEF14 ARM21 Kriel Warriors on feat turn appeals to me :) or DEF14 ARM20 Fennblades with Set Defense (who also make a great choice for Last Stand).