24 April 2012

Scrum Captain: The Great Blah, Beast Caller

As a young Trollkin it quickly became apparent that the gifts of Bragg flowed in Blah's blood.  He would hop and sing to the older Trolls and the few Full Blooded Trolls in his Kith and Kriel as they toiled and worked in their various dutites.  Whily many enjoyed his abilities it quickly became apparent that the Full Blooded Trolls had a special affinity for his song.  It was not uncommon to find the young Troll with their Axer or Impaler sitting calmly listening to his music.  It also unnerved the elders that such a youth would have so strong an effect over their Full Blooded kin.

Wanderlust overcoming him Blah began to travel down the coast working his way through areas more populated in the Kahdoran lands.  He hired on early as a laborer in a small village loading wagons.  It was during this time that a group of drunken Kahdoran men decided Blah needed to be reminded of his lesser stature in their world.  Small for a Trollkin, Blah fought back as beast he could as the men began to beat him.  In desperation he let out a Call of Anguish as they continued their assault on him.  It all changed in a instant though when a cough and a belch had two of the men engulfed in caustic liquid.  Blah looked up to see an ornery looking Full Blooded Troll pick up a third man and throw him into a nearby building, the man's body falling lifeless to the ground.  Beaten and bloodied the last thing Blah remembered from that day before he passed into unconciousness was looking into the eyes of a very scary looking Troll with peices of metal pushing through it's skin.

It was during this time that Blah connected to the mind of the Slag troll that saved him and the two actually began to travel together. Chomp and Blah began wandering looking for work but it was difficult to hide a Full Blooded Troll or keep it from chasing off the humans or keep it from eating their wagons...  Through these travels Blah sake out Grissel Bloodsong to find out if he could learn to harness his growing ability to connect to his larger Full Blooded cousins.

Grissel is amazed at Blah's Fel Caller abilities, though you won't hear her say it to him.  She is hard on him but uses him and his Trolls for some of the more daring strikes on outlying enemy camps and supply lines.  With his ability to control his own beasts over distances unthinkable for most warcasters Blah and his troop of elemental warbeasts descend on enemies like a pack of wolves.  Notoriously hard to control the elemental beasts follow him around like puppies and seem to enjoy the destruction they cause to enemy warjacks, wagons, and other smaller camps.

Blah and his mace are formidable  indeed, but what makes him strong is that he is never alone. Where Blah is there is always a Slag Troll, or a Strom Troll, or a Swamp Troll, or any number of beasts that follow him.  Whether his gifts come from Bragg or are a unique gift from Dhunia is up to the Elders to decide.  Blah knows he has found his place lending his talents to Grissel and the Trollblood nation.

Scrum Captain: The Great Blah, Beast Caller
Trollbood Fel Caller Warlock
~He sings to the beasts like a parent to their children, and they obediently do his bidding~ Grissel Bloodsong.

SPD - 6
STR - 8
MAT - 6
RAT - 6
DEF - 14
ARM - 15
CMD - 6
FUR - 6

FA - C
Warbeast Points - 7
Base Size - Medium
Damage - 19

Call of Compulsion - Blah takes control of d3+1 target enemy non-character warbeasts/warjacks in his CTRL.  Each Warjack/Warbeast can make one full advance  and can make one normal attack, then Call of Compulsion expires.  While a warbeast is affected by Call of Compulsion, it cannot be forced and cannot use its animus.  Call of Compulsion lasts one turn.

Attuned Spirit [Elemental Warbeasts: i.e. Swamp, Pyre, Slag, Winter, Storm, Earthborn] - Once per activation, this model can cast the animus of an Elemental Warbeast in its battlegroup as a spell without spending Fury.
Elite Cadre [Light Elemental Warbeasts] - Light Elemental Warbeasts in this model's Battelgroup gain Long Leash.
Fel Calls - This model can make one of the following Fel Calls any time during it's activation.  A friendly Faction model/unit can be afffected by only one Fell Call each turn.
  • Reveille - Knocked down friendly Faction models in this models command range immediately stand up.  Models that were knocked down this turn are not affected by Reveille.
  • Rager - Target friendly Faction Warbeast in this model's CTRL gains +1 SPD, STR and MAT for one turn.  In addition the affected beast suffers from -3 THR during it's controller's next maintainance phase.
  • Soothing Song - Remove up to 1 fury point from each friendly living Faction Warbeast currently in this model's control area.
Runed Maul [1x]  POW: 6     PS:14          Sonic Blast [1x]   RNG: 8  ROF: 1  AOE: - POW: 14
Magical Weapon
Critical Stagger: - On a critical hit, the model hit loses its initial attacks and cannot make special attacks for one round.

Manifest Desitny         Cost: 3   RNG: Self  AOE:CTRL  POW:-  UP: No  OFF: No
While in this model's control area, models in its battlegroup gain an additional die on attack and damage rolls this turn.  Discard the lowest die of each roll.
Killing Ground              Cost: 2   RNG: Self  AOE: -      POW:-    UP: No   OFF: No
Friendly Faction models beginning a charge in this model's control area gain Pathfinder. Warbeasts in this model's battlegroup beginning their activations in this model's control area can charge or make slam power attacks against enemy models without being forced. Killing Ground lasts for one turn.
Bad Blood                      Cost: 2  RNG: 10   AOE: -     POW:-    UP: Yes   OFF: No
A warlock leaching from target warbeast suffers 1 damage point for each fury point leached.  The affected warbeast cannot be healed or have dmage transferred to it and loses Regenerate.


  1. sounds really cool. i like the long leash ability. What if he couldn't take heavy warbeasts? all light beast gain long leash but he can't take heavy warbeasts.... interesting.

    Really like your right up. Good times.

  2. I think giving him the option to take any beasts is better than restricting him to light beasts. But it's worth thinking on for a Tier Bonus of some kind. Plus, can you imagine Long leash on an Axer? It's pretty close to over the top.