18 April 2012

Scrum Captain: Goris, The Death Claw

Goris grew up in a small Trollkin community that was part of a small Cygnarran Fort Town SouthWest of Armandor near the Eastern Borders of the Thornwood forest.  Though part of a human settlement Goris' Kriel was a tightknit community steeped in tradition while simultaineously aiding in the defense of the town alongside the mostly Ordic and Cygnarran people.  Learning at the foot of his Grandfather Elder Shaman Gartok, Called the Death Claw, Goris quickly became bored with shamanistic studies and leaned more towards working for the town cutting and trimming lumber in the Thornwood and spending many evenings with the other Lumberjacks in the pubs.  As Goris grew in age he also grew in stature and became famous for being able to hew larger trees in a single swing, catching the eye of the local garrison recruiter who was able to persuade Goris to join up with the 'irregulars', an informal set of volunteers, allowing him to train in the defense of the town.

As time passed the relative peace of the town began to crumble as Kahdor moved through Ord and Cryx began to invade clashing frequently with each other and any inhabitants caught in the middle.  Goris' world changed forever one night when he awoke to the sound of walls splintering, rifle fire, and men screaming.  Grabbing his axe Goris ran to the defense of his town.  As he sprinted to his appointed spot with the other irregulars he and his fellows were beset by the walking dead.   Before he could even help with meaningful defense the garrison leader was caught in a blast of caustic spray as a smaller undead creature exploded into shower of deadly goo.  His fellows faltering and his home in danger Goris took charge of the defense with his booming voice while swinging his axe at the shambling undead monstrsities hewing them down like trees.  The men and Trolls rallied around Goris creating an island of resistance amongst a wave of monsters allowing many of the townfolk to escape.   Through Goris' aptitude with his Axe and his newfound ability to lead and inspire the men around him Goris was to lead the survivors to safety. 

Goris had few dealings with some Trollkin from the Thornwood and had head of Madrak Ironhide and so began to seek him out, it was during this time Goris came face to face with a Slag Troll deep in the Thornwood munching on a rusty old Warjack.  Seeing to protect it's food source the Slag Troll coughed up acid at Goris and charged him.  Locked in a wrestling match with a Slag Troll Goris realized he could feel the thoughts and emotions of the Full blooded troll his mind and got a crash course in how to control... or at least guide the mind of a Full blooded Troll.

Goris' rise among the ranks of the Trollkin is impressive and even Gunnbjorn has to admit that Goris' troopers are more well trained then even his own.  Goris' has personally trained several crack units of Fenn Blades and Long Riders to the epitomy of discipline and skill among Trollbloods.  With Goris his forces hit hard and hit fast quickly ending battles before the enemy has even realized it started.  Goris boys know how to party though and when the work is done the consumption of whelp ale begins.

Scrum Captain: Goris, The Death Claw
Trollblood Warlock Shaman
~Goris' Trollkin fight with discipline and precision.  I have seen them march straight through an opposing army cutting their Warcaster down like it was a training excerisize.~  Captain Gunnbjorn.

SPD - 6
STR - 9
MAT - 7
RAT - 5
DEF - 14
ARM - 18
CMD - 10
FUR - 5

FA - C
Warbeast Points - 5
Base Size - Medium
Damage - 17

Eye Of The Storm - Friendly Faction Models in Goris' control Area gain +1 to SPD, STR, MAT, RAT, DEF, ARM.  While in Goris' control area enemy model's suffer -3 CMD, additionally enemy model's activating in Goris' control area cannot make special attacks.  Eye of the Storm Lasts for one Round.

Elite Cadre [Fenn Blades, Long Riders] - Friendly Fenn Blade and Longrider Models gain Martial Discipline.
Inspiration [Trollblood Faction Models] - Freindly Trollblood models/units in this model's command range never flee and immediately rally.
Point Blank

Rune Carved Great Axe [1x]   POW: 6            Slug Gun [1x]  RNG: 4  ROF: 1  AOE: -  POW: 14
Magical Weapon
Thresher (★Attack) - This model makes one melee attack with this weapon against each model in its LOS and this weapon's melee range.

Solid Ground             Cost: 2   RNG: Self  AOE: CTRL  POW:-  UP: Yes  OFF: No
While in this model's control area, friendly models cannot be knocked down and do not suffer blast damage.
Stone Skin                Cost: 2  RNG: 6  AOE: - POW:- UP: Yes  OFF: No
Target friendly Faction model/unit gains +2STR and ARM but suffers -1SPD and DEF
Imbibe                      Cost: 1 RNG: 6 AOE: - POW:- UP: No  OFF: No
Target friendly Faction model gains Stumbling Drunk


  1. Priceless Fallout 2 reference.

  2. Woah, bad format for some reason when I posted this... should be fixed now.

  3. He was always my favorite character in Fallout 2, which happens to be my favorite game.

  4. so on feat turn does that mean a model/unit with stone skin can charge since the neg to spd is cancelled out?

  5. It doesn't. Even if the net SPD is the same or greater than the printed SPD if anything minuses the SPD then you cannot charge. You would have to cast Stone Skin on the unit after they charge similar to Iron Flesh.

  6. Yeah sounds cool, but totally not competitive enough to field. Perhaps I would take him over Gunnbjorn, maybe....


    j/k: the inspiration is a nice touch.