25 April 2012

Scrummer Sid, Runekeeper

Though old and bent Sid has traveled for many years uncovering the secrets to Dhunia's power.  He is relatively unknown as he has devoted almost the entirety of his life to his work in solitude.  Though occasionally a report or story comes down of an old albino Troll wiping out small pockets of people or creatures who are causing harm to others.

On his most recent journey to an old shrine to Dhunia he claims to have felt her very presence and his path was forever changed.  Immediately changing the course of his life he found Calandra, or rather Calandra was waiting for him, and offered his services to the Trollblood cause.  With Calandra and Janissa's help Sid continues to recover runes and relics of Dhunia's power, but now he shares what he finds with the Trollblood leaders.  He also uses his vast knowledge and experience to aid the younger Trollblood Warlocks fight the battle to secure safety for all Trollkin and the Trollblood people.  Sid is old, very old, even considering Doomshaper to be young, but his advice is usually solid and his ability at wielding Dhunia's power is fearsome.  

Sid is often found in the company of the newest Warlock's in the Trollblood army that Grissel has begun to call Scrum Captains, and has taken upon himself the title of Scummer.  Nearly all who fight for Scrum Captains proudly call themselves Scrummers and have shown resolve and fight unmatched even among Trollkin. 

When Sid engages in battle the earth tears itself apart amidst his enemies and surges of power turn them to dust.  Younger Runeshapers flock to him and their abilities seem to magnify in his presence as they make the ground beneath the battlefield roll and rock like an angry ocean.

Scrummer Sid, Rune Keeper
Trollbood Warlock (Albino Sorcerer)
~If he know's Dhunia's secrets what makes you think yours are safe?~ Maro, Elder Thornwood Runeshaper.

SPD - 5
STR - 7
MAT - 5
RAT - 5
DEF - 14
ARM - 12
CMD - 7
FUR - 8

FA - C
Warbeast Points - 6
Base Size - Medium
Damage - 15
FEATSecrets of Dhunia - Friendly Faction Warrior model's gain tough on a roll of 4,5,6.  All magic attack rolls originating in Sid's CTRL and cast by Friendly Faction models are automatically boosted.  Sid immediately gains d6+1 Fury, this fury can exceed Sid's fury Stat.  Sid takes damage equal to the number of Fury gained as a result of Secret of Dhunia, this damage is not transferrable.


SidWarbeast Bond [Friendly Faction Warbeast] - Sid can channel spells through this warbeast even if this warbeast is engaged
Runic Charm -
 Once per activation this model can choose one immunity.  This model gains that immunity until another is chosen. 
Arcane Vortex

Stone Staff  POW: 4     PS:11        
Magical Weapon

Primal Shock              Cost: 2   RNG: Ctrl  AOE:-      POW:*    UP: No    OFF: Yes
Choose a friendly Faction Warbeast in this model's control area. Target an enemy model within 8" of the chosen warbeast and make an magic attack against it.  The chosen warbeast is the attack's point of origin.  If the enemy model is hit, it suffers a damage roll with a POW equal to the warbeast's base STR.
Stranglehold              Cost: 2   RNG: 10      AOE: -      POW:11  UP: No   OFF: YesA model damaged by Stranglehold forfeits either its movement or its action during its next activation, as its controller chooses.
Calamity                    Cost: 3    RNG: 8       AOE: -      POW:-     UP: Yes  OFF: YesFriendly models gain +2 to attack and damage rolls against target enemy model/unit
Stonehold                  Cost: 2    RNG: Self    AOE: -     POW:-     UP: Yes  OFF: NoEnemy models roll one less die on damage rolls against this model.  This model and friendly models in Base to Base with it cannot be knocked down.
Earth Spikes             Cost: 2    RNG: 10      AOE: 3    POW: 13  UP: No   OFF: YesWhen making this attack, ignore cover and the +2 DEF bonus for elevation.  On a critical hit, models hit are knocked down.

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